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Differential from Quaife from 172


Someone posted this on the EVO board, anyone here??

"Would any clio 172 owner be interested in an ATB differential from Quaife? I ask this as I have been in contact with them, and they could make a small production if they receive enough orders.I am now making a preliminary check for interest, as I dont even know the price yet.. For other models they cost 800-1200 dollars.

E-mail me to if you are interested.

As I see it a differential would improve greatly the handling in turns and diminish torque-steer. Correct me if Im wrong. Additionally, please inform me if you know of some other quality producer of ATB differentials that already have a product for the clio 172."

That would be me that posted on EVO. I have posted a message about it in "Modifications - Exterior, Power & Mechanical"

Well, please let me know either on this board of per e-mail if youre interested, as I would _really_ like an atb differential for my clio

Does anyone know if the specs are the same in the older and the facelifted model, and the clio cup? So that the same type of diffs. would fit them all.

Oh yeah I forgot, can someone post this note on some french clio 172 boards, as I believe there could be a few interested in the ATB differential too.

yeah, and so are my custom coilovers, but nobody is that brave!!!

and it will only really help traction througha dn out of teh corner, not really turn in.

The coilovers you mentioned would be sweet..if I could afford it Id buy them..but unfortunately I just dont have the money right now