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FAO Simon172 & all other mk1`s with knocking

  evo x rs

Had the clio in cause of the brakes failing, and told them about the knocking.

Had a phone call today and have been told it needs a complete new exhust system. Which theyve ordered.

I spoke to the engineer who looked at the car and he told me that this has been the problem with the mk1s regarding knocking and theyve fixed a couple like this. The mk2s have a single cat pipe and the mk1 have a dual, which was modified on the mk2s due to the knocking problem.

The new exhust will be a modified dual cat piped version, which will hopefully stop the problem. Fingers crossed.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hmmm, good work. Ill print this out and give it to my dealer in Woking. What was the name of your dealer so that they can contact them for information regarding the fix.
  evo x rs

i was told though this wont all be warrenty work, my car is on contract hire inc. maintenance thru my company. So, they r charging the contract hire company doesnt make any difference to me.

So id check what this will cost!
  CTR EK9 turbo

I dont understand that it wont be warrenty!? surely it was a fault in design and should be rectified by renault?
  evo x rs

Thats what id have thought. But they wouldnt order the parts until my contract hire firm had given them the go ahead. I know they will.


Let me know if it fixes the problem - if so then I might have to nip down to Gordon Lambs and get them to sort mine for me too!

Cant understand why it wont be warranty work though, because its a design problem, not wearntear... Might have to have a rant at Renault if thats the case

  CTR EK9 turbo

Sounds like the Arachnoid dung to me. They must pay! (uh oh, sounds like Starship Troopers..) Im taking mine in tommorrow to get it fixed HOPEFULLY, for once? please? So far ive had my car its been into Renault Every month ive had it from October 2001. Great.