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Finally got my 172!

Hi anyone,

After months of trouble selling my 1.2 16V Clio I have got my hands on the Mk1 172!! I am well chuffed. I bought it from my supervisor at work and its more or less immaculate save for some annoying rattles, a dodgy mid silencer and the occasional stonechip.

I was quite worried that I would wrap it round a lamp post on my first go but its not too bad..infact now I am beginning to wonder if its fast enough! Its quick but doesnt feel as powerful as the vectra GSI I have been in (even though the specs say its faster) - Any suggestions for engine mods to increase my 0-100 speed? Nitrous may be an idea but it always strikes me as a fake acceleration!!


  Audi TT Stronic

i thought a 1.0 micra was faster than my mums 1.2 clio.. until i actually tested em 0-60

clio won easy. Its just the micra sounded faster and you sit lower to the ground etc. The clio actually beat the micra buy 2-3 seconds.. heh must be a mental thing.

I honestly thought the micra would cream the clio..

Nice job btw for getting a 172 .. hoping to get mine in a few months.