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Clio 172 ph1- black, OEM restoration.


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  986'S 172ph1+182FF
Finally got my hands on a totally original, un-messed with black phase 1 172 in black.

Was on eBay at a breakers yard mid last week, rang them up and purchased it over the phone unseen for an absolute bargain!

It was delivered today on a transporter and I’m well happy about how good it is!

Even the exhaust is original including the double barrel CAT.

This will be an OEM restoration, no mods other than a slight drop on the suspension.

Major clean and detail will begin next week. And yes I will be checking the wills etc. It needs a lot of love but its complete.

If any of you remember my Clio 172 cup I made immaculate then you’ll get an idea of how this will end up.



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Looks nice!!
I'd go with a new set of genuine (Hella) headlights for it, no matter how you do the originals they'll never come up as good as new. And maybe a set of phase 2 lights for the rear, I much prefer those. That's it.


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  Ph1 172 & 172 Cup
Looks great this, I had it in my watch list and would have possibly had a bid, good to see someone has it who is going to do some work on it. Look forward to seeing the progress (y)


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  RS300 + 182 Track
Cant wait for the transformation to begin. So surprised how tidy and completely original this thing was when it was delivered yesterday especially buying blind!


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  986'S 172ph1+182FF
Ok, so I pulled the rear interior panels off to reveal the under sills.... As expected there’s rust, however it’s solid both sides all the way along, I’ve given it all a good stabbing with my screw driver and I haven’t gone through or feel like I’m going to go through.

Can I get away with treating the rust, painting and then wax oil over the top?



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I would speak to Bilt Hamber and send them the photos of that rust on the sills. They are extremely helpful chaps and will advise you axactly what you need.

I spoke to them recently and they told me not to order what I had already selected and told me what I needed.


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  mk8Fiesta ST,172 cup
black ph1 are class. don't think I have seen one in the flesh. sounds like you got a bargain and I look forward to the progress updates.

Coops Mk1

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  Lots of Scrap...
Nice, looking forward to seeing progress on this, as old Tarby mentions, may give me motivation tinker with mine.

Sills look just on cusp of salvage so good save, wire brush back what you can, hydrate 80 and wayoyl (I used hammerite mix underseal one) over it once dry. Few coats of each


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Ow that's such a satisfying job, when paintwork is that neglected! Looks ace!


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  986'S 172ph1+182FF
Who did you use? Happy with the results? Rough cost?

Self employed chap, known him forever, was here for around 40 minutes, did every panel, even one on the boot lid I didn’t notice.

Cost me next to nothing. I won’t say how much as everyone will be calling him asking to pay the same.

Chris V6 255

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  V6 255, 182 Trophy
Ph1’s look awesome in black. Loved my old one.

Put 182 cup alloys on mine back in the day (oh the shame)

Only 112 in black iirc

Need to find some pics

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