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Finally got my Cup and I LOVE IT!

after much ball-ache and a trip to renault insurance HQ in leeds to pick up a covernote, I finally got my baby this morning. What are other cup owners getting in the way of economy, mine started out at 16mpg! and after 150miles we now have 28.9 (Have been giving her some good lovin too!)

What are other people getting, after how many miles?

That noise! oh my god, that noise. After about 4200rpm you can really feel the VVT kick in, like someone just booted the car up its ass! I LOVE IT! WELL DONE RENAULT!

450 miles and 31.1mpg! I know what you mean Dave at about 4500 in every gear just when a normal car starts to loose power --woh!! its like where the fap did that come from!! lol

Mat - as far as I know the VVT doesnt kick in at 1500rpm - have you driven one yet? What dave means is the kick your ass power you get under heavy acelerationwhen the VVT kicks in at about 4500/5000 and then the needle realy flys around - try it out!

Jeremy still waiting to have the spoiler fitted by Renault but considering doin it meself just to get it done!

1,500 miles now and averaging 31.5 MPG.

Loosening up nicely now. Cant wait to loose the seats, however it has that annoying seat belt alarm, so looks like ill have to rip up the standard seats with a knife to pull out all the wiring!!!!!
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Ive done 800 miles and reving to 4,000 rpm (every chance I get - bar none ;)) and the average MPG has never dropped below 29.9.

Im still in love...

Sorry for the confusion, I have new racing buckets for the CUP in my workshop ready to go in, but am just waiting for a Clio subframe from them.

If I ripped them out an cut the wiring, then the seat belt alarm would sound constantly and the air bag light would stay on. I can by-pass the air bag light but ill have to take all the wiring out for the seat belt alarm.

Its not just a case of ripping one seat out and bolting the other one in.

Anyone on the board done this on a Clio before???? If so, how did you overcome the seat belt alarm or did you rip the wiring out of the OE seat??

  Silver Fabia vRS

Mat is correct in what he says about the VVT coming on at 1500rpm. The kick you get at around 5000rpm is the cams coming on which gives the car an added boost.

Sorry meant to say cam changeover at 5000rpm - correct! Whos ragging their cup from Day One? Its hardly gonna damage it now is it!!! lol

I rag the nuts off mine.

the voices in my head tell me too...

Had an incident with one of those speed checkers last night. You know the ones that give the smiley or unhappy face rather than flashing you?

Managed to go through one at 72mph in a 30mph zone! ( the road was clear! ) As you can imagine I received a very unhappy face!

My bad....

Ive done 850 miles in mine and the mpg has ranged from 37 (tickling it on the motorway) to 29 (abusing it around town).

I intended to run the thing in for a good 1000 miles - not taking it over 4000rpm, but gave up after 700 miles as I couldnt resist the temptation to see what it could do.

Looking forward to the RenaultSport brochure coming out, is any one else going to modify the engine or are you content to leave it standard??

I need to get used to driving the thing and learning how to use the power before I consider modding the engine - in two minds whether to change the suspension to coilovers and fit white 17ich speedline turinis? Looks like a 4x4 at the mo - thought it was meant to sit lower than the 172 - gaps in arches are massive!

Fitted the lexus lights last night but not too sure about the look - may put them on my Mk 2 RSi Silver instead.

Just got back from Jersey yesterday. Went over with the girlfriend to see her family for a week. Over there you cant drive much faster than 30/40 mph so my mpg was around 36/38. Back over here the car averages between 33/35 mpg and that is driving it hard (redlining every now and then in 2nd & 3rd each day).

I ran the car in for first 100 miles then increased the rpms every 100 miles until about 400/500 miles than started driving it hard upto 6000 rpms. Now at 1000 miles it redlines very easy and is loosing up everytime I drive it. As long as you let the engine oil warm up, after 10-15 mintues it should be all ok.

Does anyone have any info on the warranty friendly mods from Renault?

had mine just over a week now and well chuffed. drove first 200 miles under 3.5k, next 200 ive varied from low revs up to about 5k occasionally, always making sure shes up to temp. this thing is unbeleivable fun on the backroads, grip is awesome, handling so predicatable. bit skittish over bumps but thats about the only thing. i reckon the seats are bearable and am not gonna bother changing. did over 40 mpg on long run, about thirty round town - no complaints so far.


No one has the info on the Warranty friendly mods I think as have been searching for months! I was told that they had to actually wait for the release of the Cup before they could say whether the modificatinos could be ok for the warranty....which makes sense.

Maybe Jeremy Townsend might know as hes a Renault bod?