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Found a cliosport store! CUP STUFF!

Found an actual cliosport branch of renault on Friday, didnt even know they existed.
Well got some interesting info on the cup extras, altho the sales rep didnt knwo what he was talkin about, he said renault had decided not to bring out new aftermarket sports seats as it messes too much with the side airbags, i told him the cups dont have side airbags, they are only in the norm 172s but he was insistent, i gave up due to not being bothered. Anyway he said a catalogue only avail at cliosport branches will be out end of jan beginning of feb, and will include a new full body kit for the cup, altho we have to have it fitted and sprayed ourselves.

This branch was in wimbledon btw

Erm - no such thing mate - its Renaultsport who made the cup and 172/V6 etc - this is obviously a tuning shop with someone whos ripped the name of our website! there aint no official tuning shop for renault ie by renault themselves!

Danny Im pretty sure there is no such thing as an official R-SPort high street shop! If its new it would have been announced in the media and most of the good car mags and through Renault! Looks like someone is about to be sued big style! Was this part of a Renault Dealers?

yeah, in wimbledon, an actual official renault centre had all the signs and everything. but was renault sport. weird!

errrr, of the premises. no, ill try get their phone num tho, all renault signed up, renault cars in the car parky bit, amd a full renault mechanics garage attached!

Well ive just got off the phone to em, they are an actual renault branch, sell cars and that but no showroom, they have a section dedicated to press & sports renault stuf too. they even answer the phone "r sport" ???

Altho the guy sounded a bit slow! lol!
The numbs - 020 8542 0042

Dont know about this, sounds a little fishy Ive been perstering Reno for ages about my Cup and its promised extras!

This does sound like a company who have ripped off the name!

Sorry to disappoint all the conspiracy theorists out there, but R.Sport in Wimbledon (Nelsons Industrial estate) is as legit as they come! They are not RenaultSport, but are called R. Sport (formerly Radbourne Racing).They have a very close relationship with RenaultSport and Renault UK .

They are the people that Renault have contracted out all the Cup upgrades business to (along with Mardi Gras Msport i think). They also service and maintain Clio 172 Cup race cars and there is usually a Renault Sport truck plus at least 2 Cup racers there whenever i go there.

Abbs - the reason that u havent heard much about the upgrades is that at the moment there aint much that can be done! Renault promised all these lovely upgrades but apparently forgot to ask anyone if it was possible in the time frame!! ie - the rollcage is proving a problem cos they want to fit a proper FIA one - that means cutting holes through the dash etc - which they think is unacceptable for customers.

Also, the bucket seats is an issue cos the seatbelt warning cables etc are attached to the seats - removing them and sorting out all the electrics is proving time consuming.

I think they are working on a new ECU/chip at the moment - . Exhausts etc are also in the pipeline i think.

Ive been using them for a few years now and they seem to be very trustworthy and conscientious - even taking care to park my williams away from other cars after servicing to avoid "car park"dents! Plus they have been working on and selling GT turbos / valvers / williams / 172s from the beginning and so know all there is to know about these cars.

actually popping down there this Friday ....i will see if i can find out anything more about the Cup upgrades...
  Clio 197


When you stop in there could you ask them if there is a catalogue of motorsport bits for the Willy. Ive been lookng all over the place for one to no avail. I could really use something in English with the part numbers...



Just got back from R.Sport...not really anything concrete yet about Cup upgrades though

Cup Upgrades: Apparently, they have developed a chip now that boosts mid range torque , but top end power is about the same...its all being signed off i believe and maybe avail. by end of Feb. Apart from that , there ought to be exhaust , brake, suspension upgrades as well as alloy wheel options possibly. Again, this is still all unconfirmed and undecided unfortunately - and its all down to Renault agreeing the specs and range. They did say that they were getting calls daily asking for the exact range of upgrades and dates of release - but were reliant on Renault to make decisions.

Ed - I asked about a motorsport catalogue for u. They no longer have these avail. themselves but have promised to ask around for me and will call me if they have any luck with finding anything with Group N / Rally parts for Williams. Apparently their director still has some rally contacts so he may be able to help, but he doesn;t deal with the public - hence why they said that they will ask him and then let me know the deal after. They said they will ask Alpine in France too.