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Geof Clio_172.. !!!

Yo Geof..

I saw in the what do you do post that you aork for the good ol NHS ??.

where n as what.. ?

I, for my sins.. work for the NHS Information Authority as a consultant (Network Security Manager)... (The network poooooooorleeeeeeese lol )

We will have to meet up sometime.. was IT manager at Lancs Ambulance before that.

NHS for 22 bloody years !!!.. Clinical before IT (Paramedic)



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Joe, you are so useful here, what with your technical knowledge and now we find out that you were a paramedic! Perhaps you could have an online health clinic if anyone has any medical problems!
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Hi Joe,

I work as an IT Technician/Citrix Administrator for Bedfordshire Health Authority (well its now Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Strategic Health Authority but that is too much of a mouthful!) and have done for 2 long, painful years!

Do you work out of Birmingham as that is the NHSIAs Head Office isnt it? I dont really have much to do with the IA apart from the occasional phone call every 8 months or so!

You deserve much respect for being a paramedic, one of those jobs I couldnt personally do but take lots of guts and effort. All that with crap pay too,


Hi Geoff, Birmingham (Aqueous) is our head office.. I work form home with Wigan office as nominal base.

the paramedic stint was 14 long years !, yep, the pay was crap - still is.. thats why I moved into IT. never looked back really.

Will have to meet up sometime n talk shop

GR.. lol.. naw.. thats a while back now, but at least ya know why I hate idiot drivers lol... picked too many of them, and their victims up in bits..