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My Z3M Coupe

Well finally picked this up a couple of days ago.

Its superb.

First impressions are slim due to working every day since having it, but primarily im staggered at the torque of the thing. In the 172 or even my 328, very little happens below 3k, but in the MC you can be in 4th at 30mph doing well under 1500rpm, nail the throttle and the old girl pulls up her skirt and just f*cks off.

Also feels remarkably grippy due i guess to mahoosive rear tyres. Still wouldnt want to play silly b*stards with it mid-way through a bend however.

Its also a far nicer place inside to sit than i ever imagined it would be.

Most of all though, it feels special.

Its a '99 in Imola Red with imola/black leather inside. 96k on the clock. Im the 4th owner, although one of those was a garage, first owner had it 9 years. Its been looked after meticulously, fully stamped SH, with an Inspection II done 2k ago. Was advertised for £11k.

Poor quality night-shot from its first night on my drive:


Giving it an engine and gearbox oil change tomorrow and a damn good clean, hopefully better pictures will follow.

Epic, moar photos please! I'll be following this as I have really toyed with the idea of selling my clio, getting a dci and saving hard for a year and getting one of these for a weekend car, ill see how you get on :)
  e91 330d/type r mini
awesome mate, just as i get rid of my m you get one, will keep my eye out for you (in the petrol stations lol)
P*ss awful phone picture from a quick wash down following a gearbox and engine oil change.

Personally undecided on the headlamps, going to live with it for a few months and see how i feel about swapping them.



ClioSport Club Member
  986'S 172ph1+182FF
Brother had one of these in blue with full system/cats removed, was mental loud. His was a S reg with no traction control, scary.

Only find one pic, he got the 19s imported from America iirc, prefer the standards though

  Alien Green 200
Awesome cars. My dads got a Z3M soft top a dropped a 6.2 v8 into it last winter. 500 bhp.
  ST1050, 320d
Does anyone else think the coupé looks hideous? I don't mine the soft tops though, I'm sure its nice to drive etc though.
  e91 330d/type r mini
sounds good but i would get it on a dyno and do a before and after to check your not losing power, i fit a niice looking carbon one on my e46 m3 and we tested it before and after and you might not believe this but rs tuning will confirm it lost a staggering 45bhp. it wasnt a cheap item was close to £500 and i was amazed. we changed back to oem and the power was straight back to where it had started.
that said i had a simota one on my e36 m3 and that sounded amazing,
just for you ;)