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Question on changing from a Mk2 172 to a Clio Trophy, Cup


ClioSport Club Member
As above.

If so do you miss the xenons and climate control that your previous car had, or in the trophy's case do the Recaros and sachs suspension more then make up for it?

Cheers Fletcher.:D


ClioSport Club Member
  ST3 8.5
Hi i've only had mine since fri & all i can say really is, if you like the way your 172 goes & handles, your gona love a trophy.
Car has air-con, xenons would be nice.
Colour wise you either love or hate it.
Be prepared to wait for one i waited about a month.
I was looking originally for a ff 182 but started trophy hunting after looking around one in a car park.


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers Steve.

Well i do like the colour, and i've been out in Nik's trophy and found the seats and handling great. The only thing i'd miss if i did go for one would be the xenons.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Why don't you got for a 182 full fat with cup packs ? Then you've got the best of both worlds . I'd definitely miss my xenons .


ClioSport Club Member
Why don't you got for a 182 full fat with cup packs ? Then you've got the best of both worlds . I'd definitely miss my xenons .

I haven't ruled out getting a FF 182 next, and was going to look at a low millage black gold one with cup packs today:D

But i can't decide:S
  A red missile
I concour, definately go and try one out, and if you buy one make sure you have a good dentist, the ride is hard and jarring over rough surfaces at low speeds but the payoff for that is it that it grips like a badger on steroids. More than once i've stuck mine into a corner thinking 'lordy i think i might have overdone it a little' or something similar and its just hit the bump stop on the suspension and slung me out the other side grinning like a madman. Now i'm fully prepared to admit that i dont know if the handling is any better than a FF182 or a cup because quite frankly im not a good enough driver to get either to their absolute limit but more than once i've run out of bottle before its run out grip and i'm not known for hanging around ;)

A year on from new i still get a buzz out of driving it, if you can find one at the right price i'd say go for it - not that i'm biased or anything :D

Thats a f**king big fat lie, im about as biased as its possible to one - you know you want to.