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Renault Clear Repeaters

  Clio 1.6 16V

On our Scottish meet today we visited the local dealer and seen a brand spanking new UK Clio 172 due for delivery. Was surprised to see that the Iceberg had clear side repeaters fitted. Perhaps Reno are snooping on this forum and listening to our opinions?? Anyway, now that Ive seen this there must be a Reno part number for these appearing on the parts lists soon (perhaps BobRTE can help in this dept?). They were similar to my Demon Tweeks (ABCR-300 repeaters but had a slightly deeper and denser diffuser lens.
  Golf GTI MKV

Bit of an old post this to drag up but i picked up my brand new 03 Dynamique last week and also found it had clear side repeaters, bit of a nice suprise :).

Also the drivers side door is de-locked, but the passanger door still has the lock!! Are they all being produced now like this ? Ive seen loads of 52 plates with orange repeaters and all locks intact. Does look good on the driver side delocked and with clear repeaters :)

Yeah I was in renault and noticed the clear side repeaters on a billabong hahaha..... Just takes the whole nice thing about being different having clear ones when manufactures put clear ones on anyway..... Im going to start a new fad and have orange ones :p
  Megane 225 baby! :)

I had heard that rumour about clear repeaters for clios so contacted one of my local dealers and they wanted £18.68 each + you had to pay for the bulb on top of that!!!! :cry:

All the 2003 Clios and the rest of the renault range are coming delocked on the drivers side and fitted with clear side repeaters.

Picked up my brand new 03 Cup yesterday (BTW What a Car!) and its got orange repeaters! cant be happy, Ill have to find me own clear ones.