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Supercharged mk1 172



K&H induction kit, Magnex 6"x4" straight through exhaust with de cat pipe, superchipped producess over 200hp lovely sound now. Although could benefit from traction controll.
Now thinking of the next upgrade. Thinking of having a supercharger fitted in the near future at ABP Motorsport in Cheshire, as they have the first Supercharged Ford Focus which now has 190bhp. There was a feature in Fast Ford mag about it.
It cost about £2500 - £3000 for the conversion kit and would then produce about 270bhp oH oH!! Superb!
Any one had a experience with a Supercharged engine and is it a good idea do you think? ADVICE or COMMENTS please.
Tim H


Youre doing chuffing well out of the mods you have to get over 200bhp! Ive got a K&N + SuperChip and Im getting about 136bhp at the wheels (180bhp-ish at the flywheel?). Must be the magic of the Magnex eh?!

Supercharging sounds interesting, but Ill let our local turbo-nutter Capt Slarty tell you all about it...


Hi Tim,

check the posts by me n ben re the turbo conversion and calulations,

the theory is the same.

the biggest problem you will have is where to mount the supercharger.

Also, you will need low comp forged pistons.. are they included in the price ?. (otherwise they could cost you up to 1k !)

also, engine management will need an additional module and mapping. that could cost a minimum of 1k-1.5k.

Have they done one yet, probably not.. they might be thinking of doing a crude extra injector for fuelling or using fuel pressure which thet cant (easily) due to a non return system.

ask them for a detailed list of parts and fitting included in the kit. then let us know here.


(oh, and Tim, sorry to be a disbeliever in the reliability and accurateness of many uk rolling roads, but I would be AMAZED if you had 200 now..

probably more like 175-180

have you an RR printout ?.


Captain, Ive had mine rolling roaded twice. 1st Time 160 @ wheels, 2nd Time 153 @ wheels. 2nd Time @ flywheel was 175 which I think is bang on for my mods. Cat Back Magnex and BMC airbox with cold air feed.

Have got my decat pipe now which will be modifying to fit when I get car back then finish with a Unichip. Im hoping to get 185 to 190 with these last two mods.

It would be good to have another ClioSport rolling road day and then compare all the different cars with mods. on the same road.

Hiya Simon.

the 160 at the wheels rollers should give you your dosh back ... they are taking the piss.

the best thing will be the unichip to take advantage.

I would still only expect about a 10-15 bhp increase at the flywheel with all the mods.

Are you coming to the RR day at RE Bury ??..

That is one result everyone can trust, and, as you say, it would be good to compare.