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where to get a good exhaust for my 172cup

  clio sport 172 cup
any ideas people im from newcastle i just want a straight thru exhaust no cat ... with one exhaust tip then cut in the bumper seen few pics ov it done just wondering wheres the best and cheapest cheers
  clio sport 172 cup
i like that exhaust but i want a straight thru no cat .. so that would mean paying another 50 on top then for it fited i would have to pay more .. would be about 350 so am prob better off geting a one from aas but i think 350 is abit much for an exhaust that doesnt add much bhp
  172 Cup
I have a Piper system on my track car that comes with the 182 trim for the bumper.Will work out more than £350 with a decat but is a really nice system.