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**Williams Conversion V's Standard 16v**

  renault clio 1.8 16v
Hi all,

I am wanting to put a 2.0 16v williams conversion into my 16v.

Can we put an old myth to bed, is a williams a lot quicker than a 16v?

All the performance figures state that they are there or there abouts the same on 0-60 etc.

I once remember seeing some guy saying that a willy engine will totally transform the drive of your 16v because it will pulllike a train from 2000rpm.

Although my 16v is reasonably quick you are just waiting forever to hit that 4500rpm band, then there is bit of a surge!

My mate has a 205 gti with an mi16 engine in it, and coming out of dead turns it just piss*s all over me because it pulls so hard from low revs!

Do we reckon a willy conversion is well worth it?



yes, forget 0-60 though as the Willy needs 3rd gear to do that, so it's a misleading figure. A hybrid should comfortably out pace an Mi16 at any speed any gear too, been tested a few times over on WC and usually the same result.
so yes, 2.0 it and you will notice a pretty big difference in 3rd and 4th and 5th is game over for the valver. the Willy engine is also VERY tunable too, you can get close to 200bhp with cams, mild headwork and a remap (like BenR, Chip Wizards, who both come HIGHLY recommended). I guarantee you wont be disapointed even if it's just standard!

Car looks really well too!