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clio 182

  1. Raceface_13

    Raceface's 182 Track Car

    Picked this up last weekend, absoulutely love it. 89k with de phaser done (twice in its life) Scorpion rs192 cat back with resonated centre Brembo HC front discs Eibach 35mm springs on the cup dampers General plan is to give it a good service, engine, box oil, plugs and give it a check over...
  2. CorteZ_CTZ

    My new Clio RS 182 Trackday

    Hello Guys, Happy to be here , i am fresh owner of a 2004 Clio RS 182 with some mods. The car i bought it from England ,but it will be shipped to my home country in Romania ,where i will do the conversion from RHD to LHD. If you have any suggestions for continuing the mods ,i am glad to hear...
  3. S

    F4r Cylinder head locating dowels

    Hi all My timing belt went so stripped the head off to find all 16 valves bent but i noticed there was only 1 locating dowel on the block at the flywheel end is that normal or is there supposed to be 1 at the timing end also? Thanx in advance for any help.
  4. T

    Clio 182 stalling when crancked over and when cluched dipped

    Hello all, So Yet again another clio stalling post... I feel like I've read them all, but can't seem to pin point my problem, so any help would be very much appriciated. Here goes, A few weeks back my car stalled whilst slowing down for a junction, I thought nothing of it as the engine was...
  5. T

    Clio 182 centre cap removal

    Hi guys, I've just got my hands on a 182 with both cup packs and I'm trying to remove the centre caps on the alloys to see if I have locking wheel nuts or not. The previous owner said there wasn't any fitted so want to make sure. Only problem is I can't seem to get the centre caps off? There's...
  6. A

    What exhaust system should I buy?

    Hi guys, I'm new to owning a 182 and either due to a dodgy salesman or my inability to properly check a car over before buying it, the exhaust has completely failed. One month after purchase. I'm in a position now where my local garages won't touch the car due to it being an after-market...
  7. GrahamV182

    Clio 182 - Reg: M100CUP

    My first post as a new member: K-Tec are building a hillclimb and sprint car for me using a rather neglected Clio 182 as a basis - its in a rather nifty French Racing Blue colour and its registration number is M100CUP. The car is currently covered in about 2 inches of dust and debris and...
  8. M

    de-cat 182 cup

    Hey Guys, so I'm sure youve been over this before, I've had a good browse through but i do have one question. Ive got a 2004 clio 182 cup, it has a stainless exhaust cat back and i have a stainless de-cat pipe also, I'm wanting to put the de-cat pipe on but everyone talks about lights and...
  9. M

    New Here! Matt's Silver 182.

    Hi everyone, new here and new to the Clio scene altogether! Purchased myself a 182 last week, feel like I got a good deal. Majority of the car seems to be in very good condition, drives really well, done 84k, FSH, cambelt and dephaser done 12k ago. Paid £1500 for it. This is upgrading from a...
  10. Goodtime

    Goodtime's 182 Arctic blue

    Hi everyones this is my Clio RS 182, 153000km on the clock (around 93/94000miles) Only 63 clio RS 182 has been imported in NL... Now there is round 50/55 still on the road (crash car or exported). My car is remapped, ktec silencer (the intermidiaire and the decat' has been change for the...