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206 1.4 superchipped...........S-SPEC

  H22A7 Accord Type R

my mate has a 206 lx, 1.4 75bhp.......he is having a green forced ait induction kit n a superchip done, yeah as standard it has more torque than mine etc, but mine is still a bit quicker, and i totally obliterate him in 5th on the motorway. Although i aint bothered about his kit n chip too much, im just curious as to what difference it will make to his motor. so..............BAMBAM, whats the S-spec filter like? Im gonna get the k-tec exhaust, might get an induction kit, not sure, just dont wanna get left behing by a grannies shopping car ya! i aint too bothered about chipping mine, as id rather save it for a better motor........but then again, if it comes to £200 window tints or £200ish chip.............hmmm! mind u, wouldnt a chip void ur much needed warranty??? Any views just wondering what this chipped 206 is gonna be like lol

I wouldnt bother with the Chip really because of the warranty and re-sale problems. A filter and exhaust will give you maybe 5/6bhp maximum top end.

but when it goes in for a service and they hook it up to the ECU controller, will the not see its changed?
  Lionel Richie

Nope, they only problem is that they sometimes Flash your ECU (ie wipe the memory) and youll lose your £250+chip, but thats what your customer key is for!!!! Roamer has a remap on his 172 and he just tells the service guys before its serviced so they dont wipe his ECU.

Renault + insurance cant tell its there