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a small quiz for a sunday night...

Just for fun

first prize is a virtual crate of beer

Q1) 2 clios of identical model, performance and driver ability are exiting a roundabout onto the straight section.. both are doing exactly 42 mph.. car1 is 10 yards in front of car2.. after 10 seconds, what is the distance between the cars ?.

Techy one.. hint .....
Q2)what is the next letter in the sequence ? I C I ?... sometimes also known as S S B ?

Q3)What was the BHP of the first Renault car ?

Q4)if we have the latest renault rs as the RS172, what was an RS01 ????

Q5)What year was the Clio introduced ?
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Q1 Answer: miles if its 2fastforu driving

Q2 Answer: (phoning a friend!)

Q3 Answer: 8

Q4 Answer: a penny farthing

Q5 Answer: 1983

Have i won??
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OK off the top of my head:

1. Unless its some kind of trick question that I havent spotted, its ambigous, because it would depend on what gear they were in and whether they actually accelerated and by how much.

2. The only ICI I can think of is Imperial Chemical Industries. Need a bit more of a clue here, it could be anything!

3. Teadys 1.75 sounds about right!

4. Probably that old Renault that used to run in the 70s, cant remember the name of it but it was a rallying machine. Not the Alpine A610, before that. Was it just called the Alpine?

5. I should know this one - late 1991 in the UK, perhaps a few months before in France.


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The answer to your first question Captain is - NONE, there is no distance between the cars because they collided coming out of the roundabout!

re the 2 cars..

ok.. they are both at 42 mph.. as soon as the exit is clear... they accelelrate.

when car 1 starts accelerating, car 2 is 10 yards behind... - so, 10 yards later - he also accelerates. (they both have identical gears and change at the same rpm.. the shift times are equal.

so, 10 seconds after this all starts.. which car is in front and by how much...

(As a tip, the speed of the first car after 10 seconds of acceleration is 100 mph)
  BMW 320d Sport

OK OK I was hoping youd admit defeat and let me have that one for free Joe. Can you give me the figures in metric, its the 21st century now mate, and I dont wanna lost accuracy having to convert imperial to metric for the techy calculations!

i now think its 33yards, front car has (42+100)/2 average speed so 71mph for 10 seconds so 347yards

2nd car does not accelerate till its moved 10 yards .4871seconds at 42mph, then for 9.5129seconds accelerates so will get to 97.17mph, for the .4871seconds it moves 10 yards then averages 69.585mph for 9.5129seconds moving 323.6yards so 324 in total so looses 23 yards + original 10 so 33 in total

Nice one dood...

yep, delay half a second on the gas, and even against the same car.. he WILL PULL AWAY FROM YOU... the gap WILL INCREASE..

Spot on.!


good show Mathew.. there is a real point to note there for a lot of guys n gals.. if you are racing a same spec car... get the advantage first... he WILL NOT CATCH YOU, and you will pull away from him... (unless a mistake is made)

  BMW 320d Sport

Like that big lumpy thing youre supposed to put at the end of the bed with blankets and sheets in? Not that Ive got one myself...

The car pulling away thing: The gap may increase to look at, but the the time gap stays the same. Because the cars are travelling faster the distance gap increases, but as they reach the next corner, the front car has to put on the brakes first and the distance gap decreases (assuming theyve got the same brakes + cornering potential & so on).