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Another encounter with CTR....

  CTR EK9 turbo

Twas tonight; hairpin slip road onto Air3strip 2nd gear upwards, he wasnt getting away, i massively screwed up my 3rd gear change and still kept up easily. Wish id got it on cam. They certainly do look nice tho. Dont think he was thrilled that id stayed with him, i flashed my lowers a few times and he didnt respond. Oh well ;)

mines flying with just a full magnex system fitted its got more midrange... Last night it scared me, thought i had nitro methane for fuel!

Nice 1 - keep up the good work :)

Ive had a go with one of these from standstill to 70 a couple of times and I had a slight edge on him.

Although they produce more BHP, they have similar torque and weight a 100 kg more so on the road there wont be much in it - especially if your 172 is modded - e.g. more bhp and less weight. Also note the torque per ton being better on the 172. The figures for the modfied 172 are from one of the rolling road sessions I had at BB.

Car bhp/torque/weight in KGs

Civic Type R 197/145/1204 = 164 bhp/ton


Std. 172 MK1 172/147/1100 = 156 bhp/ton


Modified 172 MK1 179/160/1080 = 165 bhp/ton


172 Cup 172/147/1021 = 168 bhp/ton

Guys if any of you get a chance to have a pop at one at York or the Pod, take it!!

They are slow over the 1/4 mile!!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Cool Si, your 172s really coming along nicely now! What kinda chip did you opt for in the end?

Im wondering about the weight u give for the mk.1 172 - i know it was done on a weigh bridge by some of you guys, but, wasnt that with a full tank of go go juice? that weighs about 1kg per litre, so 50 litres = 50 kg, 1100 minus 50= 1050, minus all the other cars juices engine coolent, oil, washer fluid, brake fluid etc probably brings it to the owners manual figure of 1035 kg (i presume this must be the dry weight)

ive seen quotes for 172s at 1035 kg, 1059 kg (mk.1) and 1110 kg for the mk.2 with the closer gearing to compensate.

How about getting the mk.2 gearbox as your next mod - shorter ratios would be beneficial. I think thats why the CUP is so quick, it weighs less than both and has a different ECU and also retains the mk.2 gearbox......


err i thought mine weighed 1035kg and 172 bhp? 167 per ton?

mines a full system from cat back simon 172 its the 6 by 4 oval
  CTR EK9 turbo

nice 1 172man. Does it sound beefy? you thought about an induction kit? or saving up for throttle bodies?

prob get a viper when the local tuner gets his new RR fitted next week. it does sound good not too loud but people look, at idle it purrs. I get some more oomph too, very nice zorst, its BEEFY!
  CTR EK9 turbo

hehe thats what i like to hear. I was pondering getting the Orbisound jobby like off the cup racers. I know a guy who can get me one. The exhaust manifold costs about £900 or something!!? but apparently theyre standard on 172s!? dont break that part then outside your warranty, ouch!
  CTR EK9 turbo

May well do when i finish uni and get a job! Im finding it well hard to afford such an expensive car!! i must be mad.....

Id tend to add 50 KG or so onto the Civic Type-R to even things up, as Simons weights are accurate!

So CTR = 157 BHP/Tonne

Simon172 - Hi Si, I have looked into all sorts of mods and experimented with doing various stuff. The figures of 1100 kg was on a weigh bridge with full tank of fuel and spare wheel/toolkit in place. I dont have those in my car most of the time and that saves me around 20 KG. As far as mods. go I have three left now - Light weight wheels - wanted some Volk Racing wheels but a set of 4 cost around £1200 - so will have to go for a popular brand such as OZ which are still nice. Some goodridge hoses and then a NOS kit to finish it off. NOS will suit me nicely - as for everyday driving I dont use the power on tap all the time and when I do i would use the NOS ! Will go for either 50 or 75 bhp jets - dont want to spend much so wont be using a progressive controller - 50 jets are a safe bet.

Good question - I think from memory that they are. Would need to be declared to insurance company as well which will no doubt hike the cost up.

Id always beware at the wheels power figures. I bet if that car went to some rolling roads, with identical climatic conditions, it would be down on power and up on power at other rolling roads. RRs are not like tape measures - theyre not standardised.