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Arctic, Debadged, Bigger Exhaust Clio 182 M25 near Waltham Abbey?

Hi there,
Was mooching along the average speed check on the way home from lakeside (in my arctic standard 182 that i've had for nearly a week now) when another arctic 182 joined the m25 and we had a lil play dropping down from 5th to 4th now and then. As we carried on and got into the tunnel you were revving the nuts off your motor though lol? Sounded quite painful :( Anyone on here?
  Arctic 182
Lol that was me mate :)
Only revving to 4k revs! Just wanted to listen in the tunnel
Mines got a decat and yozzasport exhaust hence the racket!
Never had a play with another 182 nice to see someone drive one quickly for once!
Lol well how about that. What was the little badge that was on the back? That exhaust fills the cut outs nicely and sounds good when you were downshifting, only 4k through the tunnel? Must be pretty loud at the top of the rev range lol and yeah i've only had it for a week and your the first one i've seen so couldn't resist a lil play it's a shame my mrs was in the car she moans over 90mph so couldn't really give it the beans :(
  Arctic 182
The badge on the back is the new style Renault sport badge from the megane etc. Personally think it looks a lot tidier than the 3 as standard.
Yeah it is rather loud but makes it a tad quicker and looks good :) I'm also on coil overs.
Where a bouts are you from I will look out for you mate.
I'm based near to waltham cross mate, noticed that your side light was flickering when you were behind me aswell (dunno if thats intentional). I'm thinking of doing some stuff to mine but wana get it running perfect standard first, I cleaned out the throttle body and got the tracking done this weekend just gotta get the track rods and driveshafts looked at then im gonna look at stiffening the chassis as well as getting a new exhaust soon. How much did you pay for the one you've got and have you had any blowing problems since fitted?
  Arctic 182
Yeah my sidelights are knackered I have ordered new ones.
The exhaust was 300 something and don't come along too often, hasn't blown since I've had it fitted last July?
Slight lowering works well on clios they handle well as standard :)