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CMYK..(i take your 2 coloured wheels and raise you 2 colours)


ClioSport Club Member
started off as a discussion at work, then we got serious with the idea, for the people that don't know i am a editorial designer for print, we mainly work in the colour process of CMYK..hence the idea.

The wheels started off like this...



but they are my track / winter wheels and were currently off the car so i thought, why not...(f*ck the haters...not interested.)



(if colour looks slightly off thats because the CMYK has been replicated first on an RGB camera and then on your un-calibrated RGB screen....)

doubt they will be on the car for a while, tyres need to be sorted and the car is disappearing


  The Cleee-O
They look awesome! Love the idea, and the colours tbh. Awesome stuff. Will be good to see them on the car :D


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:lolup: That has to be the geekiest car related idea I've ever seen.

They look sh!te on my uber-crappy work screens (everything does!), but I shall wait to see them on the car, viewed from my iMac at home.

10/10 for originality ! :cool: Fairly sure it's going to be a 9/10 on the car too haha !
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I was going to say cyan and magenta both look light in weight...

Once a printer always a printer.
i said bout 5 years ago i'd love to see this on a white civic typeR. you took my idea!?!?

haha love it, only id have the black one in green :)
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Love the cmyk idea.I work at b+k in telford and we run 8 colour presses.

Very good stuff
Looks great mate. Was unsure about how it would look when we spoke about it a while back but i think it looks fantastic.

"The Trend Setter is Back" ;)