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Finally!!! some decent pics of my car

And my 172....please ignore the coloure strips, they were for publicity purposes.

Just waiting for the comments on the healight

I HATE stickons, but they were on when i got back, and well.......they actually look quite nice, they amke the front lights look smaller.....which is

Cant wait for the new cup!

Oh, and i get new V6 pics this april.....


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  V6 255, 172's, JCW,

Hi Ben, allways loved WILLIAMSs, so had a double take when i saw one the same as yours, J reg, in a certain small town in Hampshire. Was it yours?


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  V6 255, 172's, JCW,

Sorry, i do realise its a valver., WOW just seen ya XR2!! Looks stunning mate! I used to have a silver mk1 and mk2 My mk1 was in great nick, but not as good as your Caspian? blue one!!

I can vouch for bens as fec! Hard to keep with that nitrous stuff going through it!!

Nice 172 by the way ben. not sure about the headlight covers though lol


yea, caspian blue with teh RARE storm trim inside.........which i had to goa geta HUGE fab burn on the rear bench, lucky it wasnt on any striped parts, just plain fabric.

Its a Jetex Cup exhast........quite good, sturdy construction, but youhave to cut your existing system in half!!!

Was a test, nice noise, not boomy and not really loud.........


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  V6 255, 172's, JCW,

Have you got the front part of the transfer missing on n/s? Have you managed to find a replacement yet? I had a Super Sport b 4 the XR2 that needed some trans., just about managed to get some Ford ones. But they cost a packet at the time.

Quote: Originally posted by Craggy on 19 March 2003

looks lush ben

got saxo badges tho;)
Tell me bout it, i thought they looked nice until BenH told me they were off a saxo! well, at least im not a Willy pretender! valver and proud! lol
  Clio 1.6 16V

I used to have an MK1 XR2 but had to sell it on to buy my MK2 16V Golf. I had loads of fun with the Fiesta and was sad to see it go. Yours must be one the rare few still on the go and agin in cracking condition. Handling in these was a bit scary in the wet though and understeered like the clappers! Actually, just looking at our reg.... spooky ... my reg was SSS 454X !! Neil

yeah, it missing the decals on teh left.......put a new wing on....and need to get a bit of rust off, but ive been concentrating on the motor...hehehe

You can get them now easily, they are 45 quid a set.........i was thinking of a supersport as you can push the same power out of the 1.3 Kent as you can from the 1.6.....but you REALLY have to run high rpm, and that means about 11,000-12,000rpm....which would sounds so nice.

really, you must of had a problem with your

Mine handles like a dream!

With 100bhp, i beat porsches and cossies at track days...and with teh new 160bhp thinking not much will be able to keep

Mine oversteers like a good un, and grips like velcro, but i have had custom suspension made for it and fiddles the geometry.

Looks damn fine mate! (Got a new digital camera have we?). Not sure about the 172s headlamp covers though:D

XR2 look good as well and in great condition. MMMMMMMMM I remember when they where launched!

I took a photo of my car whilst at the beach yesterday and got soem very strange loks too! Felt a right anorak:oops:

Shaun - INstead of black and red stripes inside, its grey/drk grey/black stripes inside.......told u it was rare! lol

Pete - not sure amte, just bought it like that.............perfect though!

Reth - I work for Renault HK.but in teh UK, i woulr cylinder head for max performance potential! yummy.


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  Lazy v8

lol ben i know where u took them pics lol, just up the road from redland ent it :D

also nice go faster stripes i recon seeing as the 172 has blue stipes and the xr2i has red i think the 16v needs pink or yellow :D



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  Lazy v8

oh btw nice saxo badge on the back ;)

oh btw im sure u dont need me to tell u but mint motors m8 :D

Yeah all the Turbos came with a green stripe! Only 71 Made Moondust Silver - not many left - at the rate mine liked to rust no wonder;)
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

iv been undecided whether to stick VTS 16v badge on back of mine. Had em for ages now but it looks quite nice just with the phase 2 boot strip and a hill power sticker!

One day ill decide! It does look nice though on urs!