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Halfords are a bunch of noddys

  Monaco 172

after waiting 5 minutes for assistance the bloke looked up on his computer only to tell me what i already know!!!

im after the connect 2 stalk and display adapter and apparently ripspeed are a distributor so i popped into my local halfords metro (same sh*t different bucket) only to get told to after 20 minutes that they can only do the autoleads one taht is stalk only and his words exactly "but you dont want the display aswell do you?" eh yes otherwise i would have bought the autoleads one ages ago

then istead of ringing the nearest ripspeed store for me he advised me to go all the way to my nearest (harlow, in a whole different county) to talk to them!


has anybody on here got the adapter? if so where from?


ClioSport Club Member
  BMW I4 M50

Good, those 5% are in my halfords.. they know there sh*t, one of the audio guys drives a bloody gorgeous mrk2 1.2, no expense spared on it.
  Monaco 172

well just spoke with a ripspeed fella i decided to phone there harlow brach before going there and he was really helpfull found the exact product and even suggested some head units and told me to wait till the new year as they are getting some new ones in so i take it back....Halfords welwyn garden city are a bunch of noddys!

also i shoildnt diss ripspeed my mate used to work for them and now hes worked for r-tec, xtreme and now is a partener in his own modifying business so they must have a few good men (or women)

As someone who works int he retail business you have to appreciate that like everyone these people who work in stores have good days and bad days.

Not saying you were rude or anything, but alot of it has god to do wiht how you, or a previous customer has appraoched them, if a customer 5 mins b4 has pissed them off then they aint gonna go outa their way to help you, whereas if they are having a good day (pay day for example) then they are going to be alot more helpful.

Thats just from my own personal experience, been working int he same shop for 2 years now, and some people can be real arseholes, only takes one to piss you off for hours.
  Monaco 172

i was polite as i always am!

this blo9ke just didnt know what he was going on about, if i want to buy a bath tub id expect the salesman to know about bath tubs if i bought a computer id expect the slaesman to know about computers, do you see hwta im getting at?
  2012 WRX Waggon

Ya pay peanuts ya get monkeys!!

I had a Halfords goon fit a stealth Sony HU to my CRV, he stuck a massive srewdriver scratch across the face, which stuck out like a sore thumb - then said he didnt do it!!! The bloody thing was brand new!!

I would never have my car serviced at a Halford neither, cos there seems to be alot of wheelspinning coming out of the service bay into the service parking.:mad:
  2012 WRX Waggon

Bubbles - ur lucky...write to Halfords, maybe they will use ur local store as a flagship!

god knows they need one!

Not tryign to stick up for them, the only time ive asked for advice at Halfords it was wrong, but could it be the guy had only recently started, just think you may be being a bit harsh on him.

visceral I doubt ull be able to get ur car serviced at halfords anyways! if you look properly ull find the garage part of halfords is now owned by the AA service centre and is nothing to do with halfords at all....soz to kick up a fuss here but it really pisses me off when ppl cant read signs or notice the aa logos all over their uniforms, stationery, buildin etc. I work for halfords as a ripspeed specialist and the other nite I was lockin up and I had some fat ugly woman at the door screamin that I f**ked up her MOT and it was all our fault that she couldnt get tax....I kindly pointed out that halfords no longer do MOTsso it couldnt of been us and she said "well thats ur f**king garage next door isnt it" at which point I polietly pointed out the f**king massive AA service centre sign over the top of their side of the buildin..."she just replied with "oh whatever"....arrghhh hate ppl like this

Lol ditto

What is worst is when you are just locking the door, 10 mins after closing time and someone wants to get sommet, oh i spent £70 in here earlier on 2day, well great, i dont paid after closing time, all the tills are cashed up and in the safe.

Some people really arseholes.
  Remapped derv Golf

Halfords are crap! My last Pioneer cost me £239 online and Halfords wanted £399. How many overheads do stores have!
  Audi S3

well they are totaly sh*t arround here. none of them know there arse from there elbow (or the differance between disks and drums)

Lol ill agree wiht that, someone in a halfords tried telling me that i could stick a 5" speaker in a box and it would act and sound similar to a sub - wot a knob!!!

Obviously i corrected him in the do you even know what a f**king sub if u f**king prick! fasion
  williams 2 turbo

tom aka cuptastic is now the manager at ripspeed in harlows halfords, if you need any info pop down and have a word, trust me he knows his stuff, i used to work with him. but i must admit he is the only one i know ho knows what the f**k he s talking about.

i understand what ur saying lunner....some ripspeed staff can be complete noddys....however dont paint us all with the same brush...I know my stuff and so does my colleague...anther problem that doesnt help is halfords tightness when it comes to supplyin uniform to staff...they will literally say "supply a new starter with whatever is knocking around in the store"...Ive got parts boys walkin around in my store with ripspeed branded jackets on cos thats all thats in the store at the moment...I realise that they dont know f**k all about ripspeed products but customers may think they do cos they are branded as ripspeed staff
  Monaco 172

it was actually me that "branded" you and i apoligise i have spoken to some very helpful ripspeed sales team it just seems that the people i have spoken to in the flesh just happen to be absolutely useless.

can you do me a favour and see if you can do me the connects 2 adapter for my clio 2000 onwards for less than £50 as the fella in ripspeed harlow didnt have a clue what i was going on about and decided it was easier to walk off and ignore me for the next 20 minutes


Really most of the staff i work with at halfords are noddys, i mean there are a few people who know what theyre talking about but its most of the part timers that cause all the problems!!!


"Not saying you were rude or anything, but alot of it has god to do wiht how you, or a previous customer has appraoched them, if a customer 5 mins b4 has pissed them off then they aint gonna go outa their way to help you, whereas if they are having a good day (pay day for example) then they are going to be alot more helpful."

Obviously not shopped in the USA then.. miles better customer service bad day or not. There not a bunch of skivers. Too many people and too few jobs to complain and upset customer over there, even if customer is a complete arse. IMO.;)

wado I know what ur saying mate, I had a customer come in today who had spoken to some noddy who works part time on the parts dept maybe once or twice a week and he decided to tell the customer its practically free fit on everything so I had a customer turn up this mornin for their free fittin on a 100quid stereo and 6x9s and he told the customer itd b fine for us to fit the 6x9s to the standard shelf. now i know this can be done obviously but as a company halfords will refuse to do this as the shelf maybe collapse at a later date etc etc....he was pissed off when I told him

I worked at Halfords for 4 years (part time usually, full time in the summer) and I was no novice! OK, so my expertise was bikes - but Halfords provided the training for me to be competent enough to work on parts. Good solid business - but as always, there are some variations in staff. They wont stay long.

I am part-time. ive worked for halfords almost 3 years now but there seems to have been an influx in the number of dippy staff at school who just tell customers what they want to hear to get them off there case. I can understand why so many people are p*ssed off with halfords as a company because we do make so many mistakes with stuff that isnt ordered, wrong stockfiles etc. and usually because of a few staff being lazy or just stupid!!! It makes me mad, :mad:

OK im finished now.
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Went to Halfords (Team Valley) when i wanted my Pioneer HU taken out my H-RV. Honda put an anti-theft plate around them, so its a bugger to get out. The kid couldnt of been more helpful, although he didnt get it out there and then, he gave me some canny advice which resulted in it coming out so i cant fault him:)