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I hate driving a Volvo

.. Well I don't actually hate it, but whilst my little badger of a clio is being ripped to bits I miss driving the little fecker every day. I threw away its entire loom today *emotional :(*

Que good memory photo:

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too young to appreciate a volvo, its wasted on you :(

I love my Volvo to bits; the creaky towbar makes gives me a fuzzy feeling every time she tows! but I do miss the little sh!tbox for the weekly thrash down the other halves house.
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I swear that the RS Clio has a puppy effect. I miss my 172 and I would actually give up the 225 to have one again..
Ah a sensible user, thanks for joining us here in the mature traders discussion ;)

I've got to agree however; as brilliant as the V is; I miss that impractical clio!


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 5 RS
Mines been off the road for 3 weeks and I'm already itching :( flol at being too young to appreciate a volvo...makes you sound about 50, Fred ;)
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I'm beginning to get slightly concerned......all this Clio 'downtime' you've had and the first time you turn a wheel in anger since August last year and it's in MY pride and joy!!

I don't want any missed gear crunching followed by your typical 'oh I need some time to warm up' excuses at Bedford! ;)