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Insurance and occupation

  Audi S3 225

I’m wondering how much does your occupation effect insurance quotes as I’ve been trying to get some quotes on the mk1 172s, Audi a3 1.8t Quattro’s and mr2 GT imports still undecided what car I want next, anyway..........

I’ve tried out a few occupations and some were almost 400 pound cheaper than others. I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes.

What I need to know is if I ever needed to clam how could lying about my occupation affect the claim, this is with elephant btw.


  Audi S3 225

lol, I tried a few like computer engineer that seemed to knock the insurance down a lot, office worker was quite high and shop manager was high as well.
  Audi S3 225

If I had the time I would try out all the occupations and use the cheapest one, but I’m worried if I ever needed to claim they wouldn’t pay out, I know what insurers are like they will look for any excuse not to pay!

If you dont fill in your insurance application correctly effectively your insurance is invalid.

Ive found the occupation makes no difference on my insurance.

Dont lie on your insurance!! about ANYTHING!!

If they find out youre not telling the truth, theyll void your insurance, full stop!

Id love to be an insurance fraud investigator.

Just think of the commision I could earn on this forum alone!!