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Llandow trackday. Bargain!!!



looking forward to it now. See you all in the morning.

Any problems, heres my number again, 07817888962

Matt W

ClioSport Club Member
  E92 M3
Had a good couple of hours at the circuit and got some nice pictures.

I left when it started raining, hope it drys up for you all!
  RenaultSport 172
Just got home. Had an awesome day! I had a fair few sessions this afternoon in the wet.:evil:

Big pat on the back for Chris, for organising a top day. Well done mate. :cool:
  MK1 monster
had a wicked day and was great to meet some of you guys, roll on the next one!!

and yes i was one of the ones going home on a recovery truck, but its ok just an overheated throttle cable :eek:

Mr Burns

ClioSport Club Member
  Swift Sport
Thanks to the organisers for a good day, had some fun out there and enjoyed the circuit. I left not long after the weather turned, Had a good few runs though! :) Shame about atoubas clutch going, and clio-girls by the sounds of things :(
  197 ff albi
thanks chris, was an amazing first track experience, defo got the bug lol, even though i spun onto grass at 80+mph i still soldiered on lol


Cheers guys, i will be organising another one for around augest time. Hope to see you all there again.
  5gtt turbo and 172
Had a great time thanks to all whomb organised such a great and cheap track day , i did to meet a few people, hope that didnt put you off...:rasp:, the 5 didnt get too much dissrespect from you all..:D, had a really good day in the car , had to turn the boost down a wee bit to get traction in places but apart from the weathers all was good!, its been months since the car ran so it was so good to stretch its legs again....:) matty.

  5gtt turbo and 172
Thanks , likewise, gawd my conk is massive.....:eek:, cheers for the pics , i must say , what a sound bunch of people you all were, mucking in , lending stuff and generally being social, i for one will try and come along to other events....:D.
  Willy + Modus DCi
Disrespect?? i was loving that wheel cocking little 5!!! hilarious following it, every corner that wheel was shaking around in the air!!
  Mk1 Clio RSi
Many thanks indeed
was good to meet some people! Even if I did only get talking to a few!
Had an excellent day even with the weather as it was I got a fair bit of time out on track :D


ClioSport Trader
Brilliant day!! Thanks for organising it all Chris :D .... count me in for August btw!!

Shame soo many people left when it rained, i actually far preferred it in the afternoon, far less greasy than in the morning & we definately got some awesome laps in. Shame i seem to have covered up the mic on my '£15 track camera' though. Doh!

Thanks especially to Ollie, Nick & Budgie (who wasnt there) - my car wouldnt even have been built if it werent for all the late night/weekends that we've all put in :eek: I think todays outing proved that its all been worth while.

Saxo Power ;)

Oh, and 'high five' to Hamish for being mad enough to run an Elise all day, in the rain, on cut slicks lol ...

Mr Burns

ClioSport Club Member
  Swift Sport
Yeah, I'm up for August too... Really enjoyed it. Sorry for not making more of an effort to talk to people, I didn't really get chance. You all seemed like a sound bunch from what I saw :)
  182 has now gone!
Was a great day even as a passenger,
I keep saying it but next time I am bringing my car!!! :approve:
  Saab 93 Aero Wagon
Thanks to Chris for organising yesterday. For a humble little race track it made for cracking fun. Much more technical than you'd first think.
Had an awesome day!
I actually enjoyed the laps in the really heavy rain more compared to those on the drying track.....bizzare!