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My Clio Cup BHP Figures

Just had my Cup on the rollers at EP Motorsport.

Clio Cup 3500 miles with Ramair induction kit

Power at flywheel 177.2 bhp 6645 rpm

Power at wheels 160.4 bhp

Torque 155.8 Ib ft 5592 rpm

Transmission loss 16.8 bhp

50-70 mph 3.4 secs

70-90 mph 2.9 secs


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Your transmission loss is very low and the @ fly figure is probably not correct...
That works out as being only 9.4% loss which is way too low.

Loss on a Cup is actually about 15%, so you actually have more power @ fly than youve said. Look at the other thread regarding the Cup on the rollers the other day and see what he got.

This is yet another example where the @ fly figures are wrong and hence why I only use the @ wheels figure as a comparison, becuase this is the figure that is actually measured!

Look >>>

Also, if the 50-70 and 70-90 figures were done on the rollers, then they are gonna be dubious as the car is not moving, so how is there gonna be any aerodynamic effect?! Or did you road test it?
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the at the fly figure will NOT be accurate unless the engine has been on a dyno

the ONLY thing the rollers measure is at the wheels, the garage has guessed the at the fly figure

I know for sure that the 172 MK1, 172 MK2 and 172 Cup have different ECUs ! It will be good to compare all the cars at the future rolling roads.

I have a hunch that standard Cups will show more bhp/torque @ wheels than standard 172s. Ive spoken to several tuners about this and it might be down to several factors:

The ECU has been reprogrammed with performance in mind

Less power drain on the engine. e.g. no Air Con, different power streering system.

This is just a hunch and only time will tell when the cars go on together.

My understanding is that the only real figure read by a rolling road is Torque@ the wheels. BHP @ wheels is calculated from torque and flywheel bhp is again calculated.

Other factors such as the size of the wheels and the gear ratio used to take a reading make difference as well.

On the face of it the torque and bhp @ wheels looks impressive.

Are you bringing your car to one of the ClioSport rolling road days - e.g. Midlands, Essex ?

Rich-D Ye according to Dannyboys Cup the flywheel figure does look way off.

Doing it with the calculation you posted on the other thread mine comes out around 188.88 bhp at the flywheel.

I run the car in for around 150-200 miles then the other 3000 have been mostly motorway miles.

Simon I have read somewhere that the Cup has the same engine as the 172 but with a modified ECU.

I am very happy with the results as looking at Performance GTI mag how the cars varied in power so much plus i did not have to pay to have it done.

I should be joining the club at the end of the month as i have just paid my insurance and ordered some 17" Speedline Turini wheels.


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  E90 LCI 330d

The Cup does have a modded ECU comapred to the mk2 172, but who knows what other little things they "could" have tweaked?!

So far that is 2 Cups that have both made much more than 172bhp when on the rollers, so could we be seeing a common theme here... ;)

Your @ fly figure is definately much more than 177.2bhp going off the transmission loss of a 172 and the peak power at 6645rpm is pretty high too. Its higher than standard.

Have you got the printout?!

I have a print out but no scanner.

I will try to scan it at work on monday if i get time and the torque as well.

The peak power my be higher because of the induction kit.