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Preparing for race with 106gti


Having a race with a 106gti later on. How do you think i will do? Its modded only chip/filter/zorst/de-cat and mines still standard although mine does seem to be quicker (according to figures and previous races) than a standard 16v.

I rekon 1st , 2nd will be the same then 3rd i should have him?? I think it will be tough but the clio shoul dhave the edge....

Oh yeah he said hes knocking about 145bhp which i thought was fairly unrealistic any views on this?
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Very close I reckon, dont know about 145BHP though??
Make sure you get a Schumacher style start...



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Well if it is anything like my friends highly modified yellow one, which was pictured on this forum a couple of months back, you wont stand a chance! Often people are very surprised at just how quick the 106 GTi is even without mods!

Good Luck Aaron!

good suggestions by simon 172 and gr is right there really quick,it will be close and the gti will have the legs on ya in the first 2 gears. dont forget they run on silly 14" rims which weight next to nothing so pick up will be quick. after that you should overtake it but dont be suprised if you dont. when i iraced one when mine was std. it was not till 100 that i over took it and waved good bye

as for 140 ish power. it impossible on these engines and they use the power well

lmk how you get on


Yeah - I removed the spare (got a can of foam now) and use Optimax. The spare doesnt make a noticeable difference - but itll be enough to get ahead by those crucial extra few meters.

The 106 GTi is damn quick - not quite as quick as the 16v all round, but seems to be just as fast in a straight line (even including 0-100). Where the 16v has the advantage is say at 40mph when you can drop it to 2nd and hit 5000rpm. That sort of situation will see you win as the F16ie (F7P) is a 1.8 and gets more torque than the Pugs 1.6 - albeit at over 4500rpm though.

Tell us the outcome!
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Depends if its cross country B-road racing or a straight drag. Id like to say good luck mate cos youll need it. A standard 106 Gti is quicker than a standard 16v in my experience and with a few choice mods itll be even quicker.

My advice is dump all excess weight and rather than quick drags off the lights, go for a 0-100 or motorway challenge, at the top end hell be struggling and youll be on cruise control.

Bit of a delay - going now will post results when i get back....wish me luck i think i need it