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Some Williams wheel info from Speedline

Heres Speedline UKs reply to my e-mail - basically I was trying to go direct as Renualt £900 odd is way too much!

Youre right about the Clio Williams wheels being made by Speedline. They were originally made in Speedlines main original equipment plant for Renault. We are the UK arm of Speedline Corse, Speedlines specialist product division which deals with racing, aftermarket and specialist applications.
The wheel, whilst being made by Speedline, has a Renault copyright so unfortunately we cannot supply this wheel to anyone other than Renault. This would be dealt with directly between Speedline Italy and Renault France. I believe the wheel is still available via the Renault dealer network, even though it has not been made for some considerable time.
As far as the colour is concerned, I can only offer the original paint code ( as applied by Speedline ), unfortunately not an RAL or Pantone. This was Akzo 7E 81208. Please be very very careful though. Gold is notoriously difficult to exactly get the correct colour match, I know it sounds daft, but primer coat, spray technique, baking temperature, all these things affect the final colour appearance. Clearly, when they are made in Speedlines factory it is with a highly controlled environment and process hence the continuity of colour match across thousands of wheels.
Hopefully Ive been of some help.
Feel free to give me a shout if you need anything else.

Thanks Mate that will come in handy because i need to get one of mine sprayed soon.

Hello Leigh how you doing mate.

Hopefully my local wheel refurbisher will recognise "Akzo 7E 81208" as a paint code - anything to narrow down getting the wrong coloured wheels back! The guy seemed very helpful - normally companys dont bother to get back.
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Good work! The closest it seems you can get nowadays is the Speedline Safari, although there are a couple of mag wheels they do which look close as well.

The 19/Clio 16v Phase 2 wheels were also Speedlines - "Vega" I think. I got a set refurbished and ditched my aftermarket wheels as they weigh less, are more durable (my others buckled) and will look better for years to come.
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Was the guys name David by any chance. I have spoken to a guy called David many times at Speedline who was also v very healpful.