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TomoTek - 182 Track Build here we come!...


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Well its certainly been a busy few months!.. finding the time to update this has been none existent really!..

After our last race of the 2019 season we sat down and discussed our plan for 2020.. We decided we would stick with class C again in the MSV Trackday Championship, we now know how it works and have good data on the setup and tyres for each round. We also discussed looking to upgrade some bits on the car in hopes to make the car quicker and to use the tyres better.

So we decided on the main winter upgrades being focused on Aero, easier setup, and car balance.

- Rear Wing
- Front Splitter
- Rear ARB
- Adjustable Camber top mounts / strut brace
- Brake Ducting

We wanted to get everything ready for our pre season test at Donington which was on the 2nd of March

I'll do some posts on the updates as and when I can. Starting with:


So we started on the aero and specifically the rear wing (I planned on adding a big front splitter to hep with front grip but knew we'd need a rear wing to balance it)

To keep within the MSA regulations J5.2.7 it needs to be, no wider than the maximum width of the car, below the maximum height of the roof, and not extend further than 100mm rearwards of the rear bumper.

I started by working out the area the wing could go, so used a flat bar and an inclinometer and positioned it to work out the max roof height.. Quick sketch of the airflow that you would get from the cup spoiler, showing the flick up at the rear and the area of turbulence.


Instantly it didn't look great for fitting a wing. the air pitched up to much at the rear, meaning that the ideal wing position would be too high and not meet the regulations.. You want nice fast air traveling under the wing, which wouldn't be achievable... We could move the wing really far back into more clean air but I didn't want to increase the moment arm working on the wing, as I believed this would provide too much rearward balance.


I then remembered the std rear boot spoilers don't have as much of a kick up at the back so sourced one in the same colour to fit.. This would allow the wing to be low enough and still get nice airflow to the leading edge.


£15 later and 1.2kg lighter I had a std spoiler fitted. You can see how much more it follows the contours of the roof.


For the wing element there was no point me spending a fortune to make a one off version, so I sourced a BYC 1400x175 wing element, of which I was going to make my own mount brackets to position the wing where I wanted. On delivery of the element i began the technical exercise of hanging it from the garage roof rafters roughly in the position of where I wanted it so I could start to mock up the wing pylons, connecting it to the car.


With the rough position worked out and a basic template made I turned to CAD to refine the design.

I wanted to keep the bracket weight down and have a sleek simple design.

I incorporated 5 adjustment holes which angled the wing up to 14degrees from nominal airflow, all within a semi swan neck mounting strategy.


Before I committed to getting the parts water jet cut I made some cardboard templates to check all the dimensions.


Once I was happy I ordered all the components and got it fitted up!

Really happy with the outcome, looks good and works well.




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I'll say it again, THE best race Clio out there for me. Everything is for a reason, meticulous and methodical in every department.

Thanks mate.. we just need to go out and prove it now by winning some races!.. Will be tough, a few more full on MK3 Clio Cup cars have entered our class this year, but challenge accepted !!!

Will you be racing at Silverstone on the 16th?

Yeah we will be racing in the Trackday Trophy Race on the GP layout


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Echo what @Ricardos said. Properly thought out, investigated and designed with a clear strategy in mind.
I recently bought some of your exhaust mounts and even something as basic as those you can clearly see have been designed and manufactured to a really nice standard.

NIce job guys :)

Instagram: @2bobbillionaire :D


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Have you come up with a device to stop cars punting you off into the gravel at Redgate 😂

Hahaha I dont think we could come up with anything to stop that unfortunately... maybe the fact the car is quicker will mean we can just gap the field and stay out of trouble :p ... MSV have helped this year tho, by cancelling the Donington round so we shouldn't have any issues with Redgate :LOL:


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  Titanium 182
Hahaha I dont think we could come up with anything to stop that unfortunately... maybe the fact the car is quicker will mean we can just gap the field and stay out of trouble :p ... MSV have helped this year tho, by cancelling the Donington round so we shouldn't have any issues with Redgate :LOL:

Good luck for Oulton in a week's time.


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  Titanium 182
I'm not sure to be honest.. There are no spectators allowed at Oulton next weekend (only 6 team members allowed too), but who knows for the week after, everything is changing so fast at the minute!

Spectators have been allowed the past few events, I've been to two.

Has it changed again?

Still showing as tickets available for £12 in advance.


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Spectators have been allowed the past few events, I've been to two.

Has it changed again?

Still showing as tickets available for £12 in advance.

To be honest I was going off the emails being sent from the race organisers not the circuit themselves.. might be that what I was reading relates to the paddock area not the circuit itself.. I saw they are offering tickets for sale so yeah that’s great news!


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Spectators have been allowed the past few events, I've been to two.

Has it changed again?

Still showing as tickets available for £12 in advance.
Where are you seeing this mate? I checked Silverstone website and they are saying tickets not available


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Thanks mate.. we just need to go out and prove it now by winning some races!.. Will be tough, a few more full on MK3 Clio Cup cars have entered our class this year, but challenge accepted !!!

Yeah we will be racing in the Trackday Trophy Race on the GP layout
Might actually meet you there! I'm racing at Snett on the Saturday but giving Rob Quantrell a hand at Silverstone on the Sunday in his Clio. (Won't be driving unfortunately)


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Following on from the wing update, just a little one on our rain light re location.

Changing the rear spoiler and fitting the rear wing meant we had to change our rain light position. We had been using the spoiler top central brake light as the rain light (wired onto a separate circuit with a switch on the switch panel) However the std non cup spoiler isn't as bright and its view is blocked by the rear wing.

We had a simple solution really. I bought an FIA approved, High Intensity LED Rainlight - 65mm x 106mm and wired it into the existing wiring.

To prevent any glare on the rear window I fitted it on the outside of the car and onto the existing rear wiper cover. This worked well as the wiper cover already had a central hole to be able to pass the wiring.. So i just drilled a couple of extra holes for the light mount studs and pushed the cover back onto the std plastic mount lugs.





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@1985michael182 They are rated for high temp, can't remember exactly what temp. Ours have faded a bit on the outside pad contact face area as yours and Robs pictures show. Not as bad as that though (we do have some new cooling ducts which ill do an update on soon).. Cooling to that side of the caliper is pretty much non existent though so i expect on a track only/ race car on std calipers this will always happen.. Titanium pad plates will help a bit to prevent it.. I just wanted to use some Paint with hardener as the previous VHT paint we used started to flake and rust come back through..


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Nearly 5 months since my last post and another 'season' of racing has been and gone.. It was a very strange year to say the least.. We we're extremely grateful we were able to hit the track at all, let alone get in 5 Races and 2 Test Days!.. Hopefully over the next week or so I can review the year and get this thread back up to date ready for the 2021 season to begin!
What brand rebuild kit did you use for your front calipers? Feel like should probably do mine for this season (provided there is one!)


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2020 Race Season Round up!... better late than never

We entered the pre season testing feeling confident after the all upgrades we had worked on and the changes we had made. Donington was a really productive day, shaving over 0.8s off our previous best time there. And the car was looking great!


Then COVID came and the start of the season was postponed.

A revised calendar was announced come July with Round 1 Donington not being scheduled, and they would start at Snetterton on the 200 layout.
Ben and I (and a few other competitors) thought it was too soon to go back racing in July, so we did not enter, plus who wants to do the 200 layout!

We made the decision to enter the remaining 4 rounds of the year and write off the championship challenge really, and concentrate on learning the car with the upgrades and take each race as an individual round, then mount a proper championship assault in 2021.

TDC 2020 Season Round up

Round 1 [04/07]: Snetterton 200 - DNS
Did not enter
P1 Dean Hyde - E30 BMW
P2 Nick White - Renault Clio x85 Cup car
P3 Jamie Jefferey - BMW Z4

Round 2 [08/08]: Oulton Park - P3
Ben took to the track managing 4 laps and a 2:02.437 before a stranded BMW in the gravel at turn 1 caused a red flag so it could be recovered. I got in the car during the red flag period and we all lined up at the end of the pit lane. Once we were released I manged about 3 turns before the red flags were once again raised! two cars had collided on exiting the pitlane resulting in the mini hitting the pitwall and barrel rolling multiple times down the hill into Cascades turn 2!.. Safe to say the incident was investigated and one driver was removed from the event!

That was quali over and Bens earlier time stood.
P12/32 Overall
P2/7 in Class
Nick White in the Clio Cup car managed a 2:01.605 and lined up P10 overall, so not so far away!

After the interesting quali session and my half a lap of running it was decided Ben would start as I wasn't comfortable with my pace having not driven the car since February that year and at a new track with the new parts on.
Ben made a bit of a slow getting away losing a few places off the line, but drove a solid stint gaining the places back and keeping us in P2 +3s before a safety car was deployed bunching everyone back up, Ben continued to smash in the laptimes to stay within 2s of Nick in P1 before the pitstops.

We came out the pits in P1, looking to have crossed the pit exit line 1s over the min time, so a slow stop from Nick maybe?.. I only managed to hold the lead for half a lap before the warmed up and on the pace Nick made a move into the 2nd chicane, i had no answer really, as i just wasn't confident!.

We ended the race 5s behind Nick and in P2!.. great, our highest result to date!

Then we got handed a post race 30s time penalty for a short pitstop!, unfortunately on coming into the pits Ben had pressed the pit timer at the wrong line in the pitlane, meaning were 1.36s short!.. P3 on the road finished 28.5s behind so jumped us just into P2 but we managed to keep a podium spot in P3!

P1 Nick White - Renault Clio x85 Cup car
P2 Littlewood - Ford Fiesta
P3 Scott/Ben - Clio 182!

Ben managed an extra 1pt for us with the fastest class lap in the race with a 2:02.604 (0.9s faster than we managed in 2018)

Conclusion, great to get a podium on our first race back, but making to many little mistakes, and testing seat time is key!

Race Footage:

Bens fastest Lap in Class:


Also, Mechanics cars on point! :love:


Round 3 [26/09]: Snetterton 300
With the season being pushed back most of the rounds were now due to take place in autumn, so we headed to a very wet and windy Snetterton circuit. We had come for a test 2 weeks prior and it was a glorious day at around 30deg!, so everything we learnt went out the window and we were back to a blank sheet when it came to track grip with the new upgrades.

We checked the weather reports and it looked like it might clear up during our quali session so we dialed the setup more dry biased!. This proved to be a great decision.. Ben went out first and managed to keep the car in one piece, a tough challenge in itself with the tricky conditions, only checking out the greenery beside the race track once!.. As the session progressed the track began to form a dry line in sections, while still wet in others, so much so the last laps of the session were 10s quicker than the first.

I jumped in after Ben and took advantage of the drying track and our dry bias setup. Searching for the grip I managed a 2:31.845 which was enough to take the class pole and P4 overall!, our highest qualifying result.. Annoyingly I was held up on the last corner and lost a lot of time so feel a pole overall was on the cards!... next time haha

P4/31 Overall
P1/8 in Class
Again Nick White in the Clio Cup car managed a 2:32.075 and lined up P5 overall, so right behind!

Pole Lap:

It was my turn to start this race, and feeling pretty confident after quali I wanted to give it a good go from P4!.. Unsure on the weather we left the setup as it was.. Unfortunately for us it started to come down very heavily in the assembly area and on the formation lap.. This was going to be tough.

The lights went out and I got terrible wheel spin, losing 3 places on the run up to turn 1.. Rather annoyed I decided to go balls out and send it around the outside of two of them in turn 1 and then around the outside of another into turn 2 to get back to P4!.. One of the sketchiest moments in a race car ive had!

First few laps of the race footage are a great watch. Nick in the Clio nearly caused me to spin at turn 6 Oggies!, I felt like a huge hit in the car and i really thought something had bent as I was sliding all over the place. I managed to hold P1 for the first few laps before I made a mistake into the hairpin of turn 2 and locked up and ended up on the grass, letting Nick through.

I began to over drive trying to catch the pack back up and made a couple of mistakes before finally pitting to hand over to Ben in P2.

Ben drove a steady stint trying to keep the car on the track, but again fell foul to the lack of ABS and our dry setup and had a detour across the grass at Oggies after locking up... He put up a good fight trying to keep P3 at bay but unfortunately got passed at the last corner on the penultimate lap, so again we had to settle for P3 in class!

P1 Nick White - Renault Clio Cup car
P2 Mayhew/Wiltshire - Renault Clio Cup car
P3 Scott/Ben - Clio 182!

Race Footage:





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