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Turbo 172 update with more piccies.

Hi all,

well, the project is coming along great.. only thing holding it up at the mo is £££££ lol

(Gonna be abt another 2k to finish it..)

heres some shots with the turbo and manifolds fitted to an actual 172 head / block in the workshop.

looking good so far.. getting the exhaust down pipe made up at the mo (Stainless 304) - everything fits as intended.. Need to start altering the vel-satis inlet manifold for the extra bank of injectors, cut and shut the throttle body end for the 172 body etc..


also note the coil in plug units.. these are miniature self contained ignition coils that form part of the plug cap.. verrrrryy kewl, and NO IGNITION leads to worry about..


Lol. Naders, a guided tour is certainly possible on the 29th.. remember my workshop (read shed!) is 3m * 3m so the tour wont take long I can make good coffee though.

gr... not clever at all, just too much time on me hands lol.

  Nissan R35 GT-R

I think its great that someone is taking the all time and trouble to do all the early experiemnts and lighting the way for others by posting the progress along the way.

I cant wait to see the finished result.

Whats the turbo spec Joe?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Jilly the captain is fitting a Trubo which will give the engine alot more power, which in turn will make the 172 a Scooby and Cosworth eater
  7.6cc :D

I am aware of turbos, they make whoooosy noises

Lots of whooooosey noises at trax!

just the general how and why that escapes me, something to do with air going into the engine im told! see im not that dumb "align=absmiddle> lol

easy really Jilly

the exhaust gasses cause a liitle wheel to spin, this is connected to another little wheel to make an air compressor.

the whole thing spins at extremely high rates - 150,000 rpm for example.

that makes for a VERY good air pump..

the compressed air is fed to the engine and more fuel is added in the correct ratio.

result - lots more power.

the whooooooosey noise is simply the air compressor pump in action (the turbo)


Hi M8..

300 should be achievable .. intitially, I am looking for 200 at the wheels, and about 280 foot / lbs torque ..

should be fine on that.

depending on the level of fear and flatulence I have - it will be increased in stages.

What boost pressure you intending on running, and what limit do you reckon before you start getting detonation

Just sold my much loved 21 Turbo, so know a bit about this, my cup might have to have a blower fitted

boost ??.. up to 22 psi

detonation ??. well, there is a much better head design on the 172, better porting and squish/quench.. the ignition system I am using (DTA) is 3d mappable, so any r****d can be applied.. soooooooo, about 22 lol.. nawwww, it could go higher but things will probably part company with the mortal coil by then

at 22 psi with a good IC it should theoretically produce about 360-400

but, thats way more than I would use, apart from next to Nick at a 1/4 mile jobby lol !

  Nissan R35 GT-R

22 PSI - wow!

Have you dropped the static compression ratio? If so please tell me you havent done the Nova-Boy mod of fitting 3 head gaskets

11:1 would quickly become more like 20:1 with your turbo. Where are you gonna mount the intercooler? Youre not gonna have to cut up your lovely bumper are you?

22PSI?!?!?!?! JESUS! if you dont melt your pistons when id love to see that against some proper machnery. have you thought about fitting a controller to limit the boost in 1st and 2nd gears? they were commonplace in RS Turbos whereby you get a switch fitted that will lower the boost (ive forgotten the name of the device that it connected to but basically it gave the wastegate a false reading when the car was too hot in order to lower boost) but if you were to have microswitches fitted where the gearleaver joins the box you can have it to run low boost in 1st, med in 2nd, and then full boost in the "other gears"

helps a LOT in impproving traction on launch.

oh, and if you go 4*4 youll NEVER regret it

Frosty n Jaydee

I actually do have a slight idea of what I am doing lol ..

the pistons are custom omega 7.8:1 forged.

The Crank is a genuine Renault f4r Turbo unit.. rods are 172 ( same as Diesel)

Nothing as crude as simple boost control.. full electronic PWM valve system.

DTA ecu has launch / traction built in.

Intercooler will mount either behind front bumper along with custom water rad, or as a charge cooler in the engine bay.. battery is moved to the boot.


btw, here are the specs of the unit.

Block. f4r 172 or f4r turbo (F4r turbo block takes a six speed unit, 172 take a 5 speed.

Crank. F4R Turbo bullet proof crank

172 rods

Omega forged pistons 7.8:1

Mitsubishi TD04-10 turbo (-18 housing later for high boost)

Decat exhaust

DTA ECU alongside 172 sirrius ecu. DTA controls ignition via a 36:1 toothed wheel on front pully. also controls second bank of injectors for boost. Primary injector bank controlled by 172 ecu.

Traction control, launch control. new rev limit 6800 rpm.

172 head assembly complete with VVT.
172 cams timed at 112/112 (initially)

Renault F4R Vel-Satis 2ltr turbo inlet modded for extra injector bank and 172 throttle body.

Renault Vel-Satis exhaust manifold

Custom 3" stainless downpipe

Vandervel Bearings Main / Big end.

Under piston oil spray.


Sorry to go off the subject for the mo Ive got one of these kits for sale Email me if interested
Email :


  Nissan R35 GT-R

Im sure all the hard work will pay off. Its good to see you are doing this project the way it should be done - by spending money and buying the right parts for the job, instead just working around a problem with work-around parts.

I reckon youll be wanting an anti-lag system next

"To modifying the proper way!"
"Hip Hip..."