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Yet another 3/4 Plate thread.. best way to put it on?

Im one ahead than most people who post about 3/4 plates on here becuase..


I Actually have one.
Anyway im wondering whats the best way to stick it on?

Yes ive read every thread on here that its illegal and most of you are fine with it but some have been stopped. i know the risks.

But ive seen someone saying theyve stuck it on with velcro? no idea! whats the best way? Double sided carpet tape? Adhesive from car heaven Halfords *cough*. or do i ruin it and screw it in?


ClioSport Club Member
Velcro Coins. Can be found in halfords. Used 3 on mine and have them matched to my original plate in case I 'need' to swap.

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
as above, Velcro is the best bet, can clean behind the plates then too, you know if that floats your boat ;)
Velcro, then Velcro your full size set for when you get pulled and swap them, officer may let you off that way