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  1. Curtis24

    M42 @ 11.40 FE55 ZUC

  2. markkkk95

    Marks Mk3 1.4

    Clio Mk3 1.4 Bought my first car back in August and it happens to be a Clio! The Mk3 3dr 1.4 version. Don't plan on doing an awful lot to it but thought I'd start a thread to get some ideas off yous. So far Ive done - Lowered 45mm on H&R Springs 16inch Alloys Interior LED upgrade Colour coded...
  3. Hodgins

    1.4 16v tapping ticking noise *video*

    Looking for a bit of help, i know its hard to diagnose over the internet but just after some pointers Theres no noise at all when the car is cold, went for a drive and the ticking/tapping appears, theres no dephaser on these (i dont think lol) so im ruling that out It appears to be coming more...
  4. jes

    clio 2006 1.4 won't turn over start

    Hi guys My car has just stopped starting. I thought it was because I need a new battery. I replaced and still nothing. Lights on dash on and I turn key nothing. I've checked fuse box for water. No water. Checked fuses all okay I can't think why it would be happening Thank you for any advice Jess
  5. wrightyy

    Black Pearl 1.4 16v Daily

    Right this is my 4th clio to date and although it's not a sport like my Arctic 182 and I wish it was I just couldn't bring myself to pay the insurance every month so I bought this to use for a year so sport insurance will come down , clean 1.4 that's done 67,000 miles Paid £1000 off it and not...
  6. Alastair.

    2000 (W) VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.4 E BLUE, eBay, 1p START.
  7. Craig Ovy

    07 1.4 Dynamique Engine cover

    Hi, this is my first post on the CS forum so sorry if iv'e posted this thread in the wrong place. Anyway i just bought a 2nd hand 2007 1.4 Clio 16V Dynamique. And iv'e noticed that there is no engine cover under the hood. Here are some pics of my engine I think this is the part i need...
  8. Danix60

    engine oil for my 1.4 clio

    hi there, right now im using Valvoline durablend 10W40 i wanted to ask if there other oil that will fit and work better with my engine. i cant get access to ELF oil's. (mk2 ph1 1.4 E7J 780) Thanks a lot ! btw the new style of the forum us awesome ! looking great ! L)
  9. Paul.M

    Rds for £1.49

    Hi guys Just a quick heads up that Wilkinsons are currently selling rapid dirt shifter, and infact the rest of their car plan stuff at £1.49 each, I went and picked up four bottles yesterday.
  10. R

    Mk2 1.4 sport Gearbox mount

    Hello, can someone help me. My gearbox recently started moving whenever I press the accelerator, I had a look underneath my car and the hangar from the dog bone has came off. I tried to put it back together but the gear lever still moves when I press the gas. I think a part may have fallen off...
  11. R

    172 F4R engine into 1.4 8v advice please

    Hi everyone picked up an engine gearbox engine loom ecu and key with other ancillaries for a good price. Currently have a 1.4 8v MK2 Ph1, what else am I going to need? Done a swap before with a saxo so got some experience doing the actual swap but need help with a parts list. Can guess I need...
  12. 16_Valve

    Mk2 Ph2 1.4 Expression

    Bought the Clio (Mk2 Ph2) just over 3 weeks ago… 1.4 16v (K4J) engine, 4-Speed (DP0) transmission, trim level ‘Expression’… Work done so far: Full valet inside & out. Including upholstery, dash & door cards. New wheel trims with Renault centre cap decals (OE 14“ steel rims). Pirelli tyres up...
  13. H

    1.4 16v Clio Juddering/Shaking HELP!!!!

    hey guys i have a 1.4 16v clio i am in a bit of a sticky situation. i left my car over night parked up and went bed woke up to go work in the morning and the car has an awful Judder/Shake and exhaust has a slight misfire. My first guess was spark plugs so i changed all 4 and its still the same i...
  14. H

    51 plate 1.4 16v ph2 misfire + rough idle

    on board computer fault code reads t--h will get fault code reader on it and uptade during the week
  15. D

    1.4 clio 2 lost power and now wont start, coil/glow plug light is on

    howsit gents, as the title suggests my clio decided to die, (clio 1.4 mk2) tried searching here but only got immobilizer problems which is not the case here... car was running perfectly then when i pressed the clutch in to turn up my mates drive way the revs dropped right down to nothing and...
  16. G

    MK1 1.4 RT - Need some Details

    Hi, Just need a few details clearing up on a few mods i want to do to my 1.4rt I've read that the laguna spi TB is a good mod, however i read the inlet mani needs boring out, is this true? also will any sensors go nuts causing problems? lastly, it is recommended to reuse some of the laguna air...
  17. Dimmock197

    1.4 sxi Vauxhall corsa £3700 46k
  18. A

    1.4 MK2 Clio average MPG??

    Just wondering what everyone's average MPG is?
  19. Webboo

    1.4 16v alize gearbox/ diff

    Basically I've got a 2000 1.4 16v alize, it needs a new diff after I leant it to my brother in law for a while. He says that his mechanic has been looking for months now but the one it needs is different to all other ph1s? But I'm wondering whether or not this is true and he's just saying that...
  20. .LiamC.

    2004 1.4 Clio Misfire

    I've got a mate at work who has got a misfire on a 2004 1.4 Clio, he has changed plugs and leads. Any other ideas as it is still doing it..? Liam
  21. C

    Clio 1.4 2000 aux?

    I've seen this video (below) And the thing is, i dont know if it works on 2000 years clios 1.4. anyone who could help me? I just want to connect the aux to my iphone for music from the stereo
  22. R

    1.4 16v Clio water pump

    Looking for some quick advice. Is the water pump on the 1.4 run off the cambelt or separate? Thanks for any help.
  23. LiamNR

    Clio 1.4 16v radiator fan

    Hello all, The radiator fan has decided to break up and start to scratch against the radiator so needs to be changed ASAP. Seems a really difficult part to find from a car supplier, I've phoned 3 and none of them stock it. The bracket for the fan has item number 8200098041A The motor on the...
  24. M

    W reg Clio sport 1.4 E7J timing

    The engine expired just as it was stopping. No compression so seemed like timing belt problem. Got it home and sure enough there are a lot of teeth missing from the belt which I understand was replaced a couple of years ago... Before I take off the head I would like to put on a new belt and...
  25. W

    Megane 1.4 Mk1 immobilizer light always off - non starter

    Hi, the fob opens and locks the doors and the engine turns over but won't start. The immobilizer light will not come on at all. Scanner showed missing 12v supply to the antenna ring. Has anyone had knowledge of this type of error? Cheers
  26. R

    2001 1.4 electric sunroof leak?

    Hi guys and gals, I purchased a 1.4 16v dynamic + clio with an electric sunroof recently, and in general or light rain I didn't have a problem with hher , but the rain last night was really bad rain, and now it's leaking in the sunroof. It's leaking around the frame bit, running down to...
  27. T

    Chad's MK3 1.4 Non-Sport

    Hi all! So I've been searching around your forums for the last few years, and although I'm based in Johannesburg, South Africa, I would love to share my minimalistic mods with you guys and get advice from what I believe to be an enormously resourceful forum! For me it started when I bought my...
  28. L

    Clio sport 1.4 year 2000

    Hey all, I'm llew, i'm 19 and recently bought a clio sport 1.4 X reg. I've driven a fair few cars on and off the road but the first time i tried the clio i absolutely loved it, it feels so tight through the corners and has just enough power to have a bit of fun... But, it's not enough, so...
  29. S

    Exhaust 1.4

    Anybody have a good custom exhaust back box for sale? I have looked on ebay but not sure what I'm looking at as I'm new to this. Any help majorly appreciated I have a k & n airfilter on already so now want a decent sounding exhaust not a massive chavy one tho lol any ideas? Don't wanna spend...
  30. S

    Clio 1.4 alloys

    Hey guys some advice wanted really does anyone have any alloys for sale or know of any about? Same as below. Thanks in advance