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  1. J

    Clio V6 Insurance - any ideas?

    Got to renew the Clio in a couple of weeks, currently with Sky but lost all faith in them so won't be going back to them. Remember speaking to Greenlight last year and thought I'd go with them as they seem to be loved on here, wasn't really going to bother with other quotes but after what's come...
  2. jakehamer1994

    insurance cancellation fee help

    Hi Basically I took insurance out with Adrian flux and because I was only 20 and to keep cost down they limited my miles to 3000 a year. Now I've turned 21 I'm getting a lot cheaper quotes over a grand cheaper! And no limit on Miles and got quoted 1500 of elephant insurance. So I rang andrian...
  3. Bear Head

    Insurance Help Multicar

    Right. I've got my 182 and a focus estate 1.6. This is for work. Now I insured my 182 through admiral and they told me I'd be best with a multi car and I went through the motions and that's what I have and im happy with the price! I had 1 years NCB going to admiral so I shifted that onto my...
  4. A

    Best insurance company for cars with cages?

    Who does everyone use? Seems to be a sticking point with many of the mainstream ones? Looking into covering a track car for occasional road use. Cheers
  5. monotokpoint

    Insurance recommendation

    Hi, New to the forum, so Hi all! I bought a Clio Trophy last weekend as my cheeky town car run around. It's brilliant! My insurance is due for renewal tomorrow, and I'm looking for some recommendations on insurance companies. I have had a couple of quotes, but are there any good smaller...
  6. StuOwen86

    Road legal track car, Insurance?

    Hi guys was wondering what people pay for insuring their road legal track cars. I'm not a member YET as I'm only going to look at a car a member on here is selling on Sunday. But was wondering how much and who you guys use. I got a quick quote on go compare for a standard car (52 plate 172 cup)...
  7. roryb

    Insurance help!!!

    Long story short, I was in a car crash. 14th March 2014 I was stopped at lights in traffic the van behind didn't stop and went into the back of me, shunted me forward into the car in front. My car was written off, but wouldn't do anything with it till liability was accepted as it was only ford...
  8. skyinsurance

    Sky Insurance

    Hi All, With regret I am leaving Sky Insurance at the end of the month for pastures new. There will be a period of hand over but I encourage those with enquiries to contact Sky directly. The office phone number is 03303 331250 (Normal Rate Number) Email: -...
  9. tomhunt85

    Buying back from insurance

    Has anyone done it with a 172 in the £1,000-£1,500 price range of late. If so how much did you have to pay to get the car back? Early days yet as my insurer doesn't know about the damage but need to have a chat with them tomorrow. Trying to decide whether fixing it is feasible.
  10. M

    I bloody hate insurance - accident moan

    So, I'm out and about with the wife last weekend. We get to this roundabout We're taking the second exit, effectively the right exit. Traffic is queuing on the lane with the filter arrow and the right lane, nothing in the middle lane. We use the middle lane, get 3/4 around the roundabout and...

    Win a FREE Formula Driving Experience with Adrian Flux Insurance

    Hi, In the run up to Christmas (sorry to use “that” word already) we thought what better way to get in to that ‘Giving’ spirit than by giving away a fantastic prize. So, we’ve organised for one lucky winner to have a FREE Formula driving experience at a top UK track! “How do I enter?” I hear...
  12. Mitchy.b


    looking at getting a 197. I'm 18 with one years no claims. 19 in January and had a quote of 1600 and I went to get a 197 yesterday and thought I better check insurance again. And it was 3300? What do other people pay?
  13. C

    insurance company asking for copy of licence

    My misses insurance company have sent a letter demanding a copy of her driving licence and proof of address. I have never been asked for this and it seems dodgy to me, its a form of ID which is being copied and there is no control over where it is stored or who has access etc. Has anyone had an...
  14. H182

    Insurance claim / renewal issue

    Back in Nov / Dec last year, the Mrs had her number plates stolen off her car. The morning we noticed them missing, we reported it to the police, we also found some plates behind the garage from another car, which the police collected. A few days later, the police came round to interview us...
  15. robinson1980

    Insurance - What to pay for a 182?

    I just wondered if anyone would recommend a particular insurance company? I live in the Wakefield area, have a 04 Clio 182 (standard other than upgraded exhaust) 3 points, 9 years NCB, and I’m 34. The best renewal quote is around £430 (with NC protection) does this seem a fair price? Cheers
  16. T

    How do you co-ordinate multi-car insurance

    Here's the situation: The 330i is insured with Direct Line - renewal due on 1st November. The Trophy is insured with Adrian Flux - renewal due on 15th November. I think I've read that you can't insure the same car with two different providers, so what's the best way to take out multi-car...
  17. MichaelButler

    Vehicle theft - insurance issues

    This post isn't specifically Clio related but I thought I'd share it to see if anybody here has had any experience with stolen vehicles and associated insurance issues.. A vehicle was stolen during the early hours a couple of weeks back, we believe stolen to order (it's a MK2 Focus RS). The...
  18. Ben-

    Elephant Insurance NCB Question

    Is anyone insured with Elephant that has 5 or more years NCB? I'm currently with Elephant earning what should be my 6th year of NCB, but I just updated my policy and noticed the most NCB they take is 5 years. Does this mean that when I finish this year, I'll still be capped on 5?
  19. N

    Insurance question

    Ok so the mrs needed cover for work using her nans car. So she's put her self as a named driver on it. She paid £220 deposit and it came out to around 150 per month installments. To cut a long story short, she no longer needs the car, she's been insured for 5 days only. Would she be likely to...
  20. Saamjohn

    Changing the car on insurance or wait it out

    At the moment i have 1.2 clio insured with tesco black box , wasnt to happy with it being a black box etc and tesco are quite uptight when it comes to mods but kept with as the quotes were to cheap to say no , i currently pay £475 for my second years insurance on the clio but am itching for 1*2...
  21. saosin

    172 as second car - insurance

    Anyone have any experience of insuring a clio as a second car? im looking at getting one as a track toy and general weekend fun car but having no no claims and not yet coming into classic territory im thinking its gonna be pricey.
  22. M

    Dash Cam Insurance PREMIUM?! WHAT?!

    Hi all, Just been on the phone to my insurance company regarding a different matter, and mentioned that I've just ordered a dash cam and if I would be eligible for a discount as I know some companies do offer that.. The response? Sorry Sir, that would be classed as a modification to your...
  23. S

    Insurance help

    Im looking for insurance for a 2004 172 clio. As far as Im aware the car I have purchased is a 172 anyway. Everytime I enter my reg number into a car insurance site it comes up as a 182 clio? Is anyone else finding this problem? My clio has a spare wheel and a single exhaust so surely its a 172...
  24. DrR

    Day insurance, Any recomendations?

    I might need day insurance for the 25th-26th of this month, does anyone know any companies that will let me cancel last minute if i don't need it? All seem to be pay up and it's tough if i use it or not.
  25. M

    Van insurance

    was looking at getting a van but the cheapest quote i got was £2100, are vans really that expensive to insure? i'm 22 with 1 Year NCB (i have 3 but in use on another policy) anyone able recommend some van insurance companies?
  26. Paprika123

    Chassis notch and insurance...

    Question for insurance people...what do you make of chassis notches? Is is it a declareable "modification"? No I haven't got one and I never will but I've seen a few folk recently claim they've declared their notch to the insurance company...
  27. P

    Brentacre Insurance

    Renewal came through for my JCW Hatch yesterday from Admiral at £1060. Having used a few comparison websites, the cheapest I could find was £715 with Elephant, Admirals sister company! Having searched online, Brentacre popped up and I'd thought I'd give them a go. Rang up, gave all relevant...
  28. P

    Classic car insurance

    Hi all just wondering if anyone had any reccomendations for classic car insurance companies to try? i really wanted to go with greenlight as they seem to be highly thought of but I'm not 25 which is one of their criteria. I'll be phoning flux tomorrow, any other companies you have had...
  29. V

    track day insurance

    Who's good to insure the vee for the day? we've only got 30 mins on track but better to be safe! Cheers
  30. Joe Hryszko

    Best Insurance Company?

    Hi all! Coming towards the end of my current policy and I will be starting a new insurance policy with my newly acquired RB 182 :D I am 19 with 1 years NCB, nearly been driving 2 years! I have been getting quotes of around the £900-1000 mark which is over half what I paid for my first year...