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Fifa 07 xbox - serious poo!

I bought Fifa 07 for xbox and it had good reviews and I thought I would give it a shot...... but its going back!


Unrealistic shooting... shoot from anywhere!!!
Headers will sometimes gather a gust of 300mph wind as they leave the head
Angle of pitch is never right no matter what camera/settings used
Players look unrealistic
Animations are poor - they dont really run.. just walk fast!
goalkeepers can shuffle back and forth without moving there feet!

I played a game of fifa 05 after and i can genuinly say.. that was more realistic!!!

Im just gutted i cant get a new (decent) football game on my thank god for the pro evo 5 editing!!
  ff 182
microsoft need to stand back and just take a long hard "look" at some of the games it's brining out lately.i've noticed quite a few games comeing out that the frame rate suffers and glitching bad graphics and just bad games..didnt think i would b saying this about the 360 but most of the games just dont seem next gen to me..come on bill give us some better games!!:) now not next year
  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
PES PES PES PES PES PES. why you would consider fifa i dont know lol, PES mate its the best and most usefull awsome game invented. Love it.
  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
very true just got a 360 yes the games r good but, it hasnt yet excited me beyond my old xbox, why do we have to wait a year just so 360 can get additional sales pre ps3 launch

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Pah! You're all talking poo-stains. The best footy game ever was this......


Let's face it. Having a beard like that, makes you a true gaming god....:clown: