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my FINAL oil thread... save it.... !!!!

Ok, Oil Smoil Groil.. etc etc etc..

IF the oil you use meets the following specs.. it is as good as any tother in your engine..

OIL IS OIL.. IF.... it meets the standard.

BUY THE CHEAPEST that does !!!!!!!........

Sorry to dispell another myth... but.....:confused:

From the french horses mouth. so to speak..........

Sri M8, I didnt mean it that way.. well, not so black n white..

I thoroughly commend Brun for the work he has done on the oil scene.

I wish I was as quick on the uptake sometimes m8 !

but I just dont want guys n gals to fall into the trap of this oil is better than that etc.... thats what standards are for. they take away the guess work..

there aint no standards for induction kits, exhausts or ecoteks, but there ARE superb, scientific standards for oil performance.

Sometimes its hard to sort the wood from the trees etc, but oil is one area where you can BE SURE.

  Leon Cupra

Just one question for us non tec heads… What oil (e.g. brand and type) do you use in your 172 engine (the standard one not the turbo one).;)


Me ?? personal choice.. Castrol GTX Magnatec 10/40

(Used to LOVE castrol R >!!! during my night rally spectator years (Prior to driving) It was a comon site.. the spotty youths sniffing the after effects of a BDA at 7500 rpm with Castrol R oil.... and wearing bloody tights to keep warm at - 5 degrees C !!!.. you aint never lived lol, until u had that experience..

Watching the maestro Roger Clark through the Forest of Bowland was an education (as a Marshall).

anyways, thats me choice, seen you asked !


BDAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats my fave ford motor............i love it in the MK2 escort in 81 (eventhough i was born in 82)

that and the fiat 131!!!!!

jeesus! you could hear grey matter being sucked in!!

actually, it kinda turns me on.............

i use halfords own mineral 10w-40 in my XR2.............cause it drinks so much........

clio.........i get free oil from renault.............hehe


Masturbation is about dreaming.. I never really equated it to cars lol.. but, a BDA on full chat at -5 degrees was a sight, smell, and vibration of the very core (Bass music freaks will understand) that few women have managed lol !!!

They just dont understand ....... probably never will lol..

Yep, Ben, you got it.... the GREY MATTER SUCKED IN !! coudnt have described it better dood !!!!!

I used to stand there for six bloody, freezing hours.. just to find one guy or gal (Verrrrrrry rare) who was trying .... taking it to the limit....

Some of me stars...... were / are...

Roger Clark..

Ari Vatennan

Tony Pond... the 2ltr sunbeam and the raucous Ilse of Man Demo in the std rover !!!

Stig Blomquist

Hannu Mikola

Jimmy McCrae (Yep!!!... his dad lol )

Russell Brookes.....

And many heros I forgot......


and for the ladies. Michelle M did a great job... icluding the most spectacular downhill roll !

  FRST and 106 GTi

well... IM LOST! has usual. You ppl must type so fast that the keyboard just jumps off the table.

Oils... I use almoust anything, and just change it when I think I should. Just look at it, put it in your fingers and lick it... hum... Its time to Vintage this babe. :)
  FRST and 106 GTi

BenR, you were born in 82??? Dont remember that year, but we have good wines from 82 crops. :)

Walter Rohrl!!!!

although hes, do you remember the 1980 portugal rally where he was hit during service!!!! and the consequantial drive in the mountails of argunil......(spelling)

in teh audi S1 in 85!!!

and fiats 131s in 81!!!!! holy cow!!

oh, and paddy....have to mention paddy.........hehe, to big for his mini.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

welly guys, many oils meet those standards, and yes they are good, but its very misleading to say all oils that meet the standards are the same

they are most definitely not, each manufacturer uses there own blend of additives and has a preference for how much ester base stock is used and its properties

also, if i invented my own standard, it might prove that only one oil fits the bill

i do agree that anything up to the standard will be fine, but it WONT be the best, you CAN have good and bad oils, the make up of the oil can determine its pressure along with other things


  Shiny red R32

Captain, you forgot Louise Aitken-Walker! Her and her hubby have a garage in the Borders, Hawick I think.
  FRST and 106 GTi

BenR, I dont remember those times just because I was a babe at the time. yeap... Im still a kid you can say it.

Dont talk about rallyes... it just makes me cry why cant I get into one. :( :(

At least have friends who made some Portuguese rallyes tracks.

spelling? who cares! eheh bad spelling wont get the car faster. :( damn. :)

maybee this weekend Ill get a digital camera to snap some old babes.


  Shiny red R32

Joe I have some old pics of my dads from an RAC Rally that started and ended in Chester, which I have just scanned and will e-mail them to you. You might recognise some of the cars!

BRUN.........true, they are not all the SAME.....

but do not be so nieve to think that the manufacturers are building the BEST oil. they are building the cheapest oil that they can advertise as better.

it might be that some different brands actually buy from the same supplier etc etc.

and it tends to be that full racing synthetics etc are "better" from the smaller manufacturers. Why, becasue its a non profitable venture for large companies, theyw ill never sel that much, but smaller companies can work on smaller turnover. i.e. redline and motul etc etc........not quite as big as Mobil, but i would guess just as good.

but to me, oil is oil is oil. i notice no diff between halfords stuff and Mobil 1......some people like to think they do cause they just spent 20 quid more on OIL!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

which is one of the reasons i use Silkolene, there by no means a massive firm, also its fairly cheap for how much you get in comparison to Mobil

They put 15W40 for my 12k service, which is A3 spec - I suppose that mean I dont have protection if the temperature gets really low...
  Clio 197

Now I know what my problem is! All my grey matter must have been sucked out by the BDA in my F/Atlantic RT4 back in 87. I knew there had to be a that makes sense.

Dont forget Michelle Mouton in the list girls! favourite! Nothing quite like flying through the trees on a special stage, with the Rally 2000s poking a hole in the night...and the noise on gravel, like a never ending crash...damn I miss it.

Got to get out to the ring Sunday and get my fix in the Willy!


get your fix of willy!!!??


but i thought f/atlantic (in the states) used the 4a-ge engine....

Well I dont know much about the differing standards, oil specs, grades etc. According to renaultsport site, the spec for the Clio Cups use Efl Ultimate 5W/40. If its good enough for them its good enough for me. Now where do I buy the stuff?.....
  Clio 197

Not sure what the numbers were but it was a 1.6 litre BDA of some description. Jennings built the vast majority of them and the weak link was the block. The block was routinely replaced in the rebuild. It would develop cracks aroung the main bearing webs if I remember correctly. Mine put out about 234hp at the flywheel. I used to love those dyno runs!

In 1988 the HFC series went to Toyota engines, and I went bust more or less.

Drove a Honda S2000 last weekend on the ring, and it revved damn near as high as the old full race BDA. Amazing!

Get my fix in the Willy, not of willy, silly...


Quote: Originally posted by BenR on 20 September 2002

but to me, oil is oil is oil. i notice no diff between halfords stuff and Mobil 1......some people like to think they do cause they just spent 20 quid more on OIL!
Mobil 1 wont carbonise on turbo shafts. Halfords stuff proberbly will. But then that only really matters for highly tuned turbo engines.

I used to use Magnetec in my 1.7 turbo. But that seems to have problems with heat 110-120 degrees C or more seem to kill it. Mobil 1 is next on the list for me to try, and possibly Millers oils.

Alot of Scooby owners us Motul as its "supposedly" the best oil (in tests in the USA) but thats americans for you lol!

I just use fully synth 15w50 cos its better for the temps my turbo runs (ie it doesnt break down as quickly) but most grades of oil will be ok in your average engine (according to the type it needs).

  BMW 320d Sport

Im with you on this one Brun. Anyway I use Mobil 1 15w-50, it survives the temps in my engine and always comes out clean as a whistle. The only time I ever used supposedly similar semi-synthetic, before I knew better, it always came out looking like crude oil sludge and the engine felt rough. If that costs me £30 for 4 litres of Mobil rather than £4.99 for a bottle of Red Squirrel semi-synthetic, then so be it.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

exactly, my car felt like sh*t on semi, it was very good with Mobil 1 M/S but its too thick in the cold, the Silkolene equivalent gets to work a hell of a lot faster

capt, i just wonder what evidence this is all based on rather than seat of the pants feel!

and if i had oily pany, id be worried lol!!!

You "MAY" feel that your car is sluggish when cold running a thicker oil, this is because it isnt warm, what your also feeling is the fact that your ragging your car when its cold and its trying to compensate, this will be the "real" reason.

As Joe has stated, oil is oil, it all meets an aproved grade (ie 10w40) but you can get some that are better than that, it may still be branded as 10w40 but its properties may be more suited for say a turbo car but the chances are you wont notice that either.

Now for those non believers, pop out to halfords, go and purchase their branded 5w40 fully synthetic oil, then go and buy some Comma 5w40 fully synthetic oil, then pop over to Graham Goode Racing and buy some of his 5w40 fully synthetic oil.... there will be a price difference between the lot, maybe not more than 5 quid for 5 ltrs but your all wondering what the point was going and buying 3 lots of 5w40 oil? Well put it in your car and run it for 5k, then change it for the next one and run for 5k then change again and run for 5k, the difference is zero... (mainly due to the fact that its ALL made by Comma and is exactly the same stuff to start with!)

I run a 15w50 fully synthetic oil in my car because i wish to (and the fact that its better than the 5w30 that subaru put in there!) but if it were -30 all the time then i would run a 5w30 or if it were +120 and i were towing a trailer id run the 15w50 still, (the gist is that the warmer the ambient temp the thicker the oil, the cooler the thinner as it needs to warm up quicker.....)

Run which ever oil you wish in your car as long as it conforms to the Manufacturers specification!


Hi M8.. fair points..

just a note re the cold oil..

every oil tested has a pour point temperature that is related to its viscocity ratings.. there should be no difference between same grade oils.

Love the quip re Comma oils.. hee hee..there are a lot of badged products out their !.:D

Even better.. some guys think seni synths protect their engine by all the adatives etc.. all it is, is the polymer chains used to control viscocity (Thats the synthetic bit).

re your last line, If I may, I will add to it...

Run which ever oil you wish in your car as long as it conforms to the Manufacturers specification! - but dont be ripped off by slick advertising and ANY nonsense re better response etc... the cheapest is as good as the dearest.. no contest.

Not a problem with the last line Joe :D

This is the way i see oil ;)

oil is like beer, there are 3 types you can buy for your car (but many different types of beer!)

1. Kalibre (mineral oil) it looks the same, goes down the same hole but doesnt quite have the desired affect.

2. Lager shandy (semi synthetic) a nice 50/50 mix that given time will make you fall over, takes longer to get anywhere with thou..

3. Lager (fully synth) hey you cant beat this stuff ;)

This is just me thou (im a synthetic freak ;))

Oil is really to the preference of whoevers vehicle it is, like i say i like fully synthetic as it has better heat properties for the turbo, my old works van use to run semi synthetic (2ltr di 16v astra van) and its engine was as strong at 70k as it was at 1k (and i use to rag the ass off it ;)) but as you say Joe, its oil, its there to lubricate and that it will, good or bad it still does that job (just keep changing it as black goo doesnt lubricate your engine :()

Manufacturers will test their engines on all different types of oils, they will run them with virtually no oil in, with too much oil in, with an oil thats too thin, one thats too thick, they will do the lot and the out come will be the same, it still lubricates but may not be to the standard that they wish for their engine, what they end up with is (as my mate says whos an engineer) a compromise. It doesnt mean that the oil they put in is the best, what it does mean is that it has reached a criteria that shows minimal wear in different conditions and still does the one thing it has to do, Lubricate.

Oil is as Joe says, just Oil.