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Need Installation Cert for 172 Alarm/Immob....Arrghhhh!

  320d M Sport

My Isuarance Co, being the muppetts they are want me to provide them with a cert to show the Mk2 172 has a Cat 1 Alarm. Only thing I have is a quick peice in the handbook, any clues how I could sort this out, and I quote

Cheers CIA....nobs


one benefit of an import then - the alarm/immobiliser is retro-fitted and so therefore there is automatically a certificate provided! sorry - this doesnt help you though!

I would have thought a letter from Renault dealer to say that it is in fact a Cat 1 or whatever alarm/immob would be sufficient as well. K

I got a certificate showing who/where/what and when my alarm was fitted, this was a UK car too. If you didnt import then you can get Renault to sort it out, if you did import then get the people who fitted the alarm to sort it out.