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Personal Reg’s

Why is it impossible to get a lot of Regs with 172 in the number - so far Ive found for myself


TDZ 772

You see what Im doing here - trying to make 172 out of Ls, Ts and Js and the no 12, 22 or 77

Anyone wanna comment on which would look best on a number plate and closest to 172 ??

They are not too bad. Ive gone for R6 CUP meself which was only 200 bob from the DVLA.

Only thing now is I need a fecking car to put it on. Bloody french holding up the boat!
  7.6cc :D

I suppose it would have to be L12 CUP

if you make the L as straight as possible and make sure you emphasize the flick at the top of the 1


I was just about to ask how much that cost?

2995......oh dear.

Nice plate though, but you wont be able to take it with you when you sell the car. ( Well you can but there wont be any point! )

What about

L16 VTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - £10er down me local jumble sale - came of some sort of french car called VTS but I reckon it would look sweet as on me new motor or perhaps ............LOL


  Shiny red R32

CUPSIZE you cant buy 172 numbers because they arent the ones that the DVLA sell! They only sell plates numbered from 1-20 and either singles or multiples of the same number like 7, 77 and 777. I would think that ?172CUP would have been an ordinary issued plate

Sure Cupsize? thats close enough. I think its great when you can get the exact number you want, it just bugs me when people are prepared to accept an imitation number then try to manipulate it to look like what they REALLY wanted. Its just so naff.


  Shiny red R32 (will take you direct to the valuation page)

V6 CUP £2445
X1 CUP £1894
G8 CUP £844

M2 CUP £249
M7 CUP £249
N11 CUP £249
N3 CUP £249
R9 CUP £249
S55 CUP £249
S999 CUP£249
X1 CUP £1894
W1 CUP £1894
V1 CUP £1894
D1 CUP £1894
G1 CUP £1894
L1 CUP £995
Y1 CUP £1894
C1 CUP £1894
X2 CUP £844
M2 CUP £249
W2 CUP £744
D2 CUP £944
V2 CUP £744
L2 CUP £395
G2 CUP £844
Y2 CUP £944
J3 CUP £395
K3 CUP £395