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sax vts/CLIO 16V

  Toureg vW Transporte

Come on guys help me out just bught a N plate 16valve with full leather and some 17inch kahn rsrs.Gotta wait 2 weeks till im 21 to insure it though, Just wondering how id get on racing a saxo vts.????would i cum out on top,a mate used to have a vtr and it was q nippy, not as fast as my girlfriends corsa gsi though...ha ha
  mk2 172

im itching to race a valver, hoping i can keep up to at least a ton. dunno tho cos your looking at 15k til your car is well loose. so ill tell you in a couple of years the true verdict lol!
  Toureg vW Transporte

come on then kids!!!r u guys telling me that no one in a valver has ever racer one of them vts things.I need to know before i start spouting off..:confused:

my mates vts (air filter, exhaust) when i raced it an my 19 16v(air filter, exhaust,chip(b4 the willy engine)) was quicker by about 1 maybe 1.5 car lengths to 100. so i would think that a clio 16v being lighter and faster than the 19 would be pretty evenly matched!!

But theres only one way to really find out:)
  Toureg vW Transporte

nope hydro automotive. Bit greedy havin a williams and a turbo innit. I used to have a poxy white clio with williams wheels. u in bromyard itself?
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

yeah I am. Fez isnt a turbo. its a n/a 2.0

Im SURE Ive seen u driving about Ledbury in the white clio!!!!!!! I remember wanting ur wheels, as mine have gone an odd shade of gold lol
  Toureg vW Transporte

haha u mite still c it sold it to some lad in ledbury. Its u lot from bromyard who bring all this mud onto the roads. still bet that 2.0 fiesta goes,is it as quick as the williams? u got my email address off this, ull have to take me for a spin in that williams some time....:)
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

lol yeah mud everywhere Yeah. Fez is pretty quick :D need to test them properly sometime though. Fez is off road for winter (and needs tyres, discs, steering u joint). Clios box is messed up lol. Whines loads, and may be a susp problem :( U got msn??? Flash me if ya c the cars around. Pic of the fez @

Well i have to say "I Whooped one" on friday going down to BB tuining to see Mr Read

He tried to out break me into a corner (pussy) then to overtake on the straight he pulled up beside me i dropped in to 2nd and booted it then in to 3rd at 60 !!! (bye bye) all i could see was him get smaller till the next few corners then he disapeared !!!!! tee he
  mk2 172

i meant a clone, ie vtr dressed up, then again unless the driver couldnt drive for sh*t, for a valver to pull away at any great length thats all.

  clio 20v

yeh its gonna be pretty even, if you get beat though its probably modded they have about the same 0-60 but in my experience the valver pulls away after 3rd gear

sayin that i pulled a cars length on one a few weeks back he he, they do vary in power though

  Toureg vW Transporte

excellent lads thats wot i wanted to here,ill wait for my membership to cum through and then ill post sum pics.

i think ot was a case of the driver was a pussy he tried to push me along in a 40 limit but i just slowed to 30 to piss him off a littleas i dont drive like a tw*t in built up areas but it came down to me knowing my car and the road better than him,
  Clio Phase II 16V

Ive raced a VTS with zorst and filter, dead heat upto 100 then bye bye Saxo and I was 3 up compared to hes 2.

shhhhhh...dont start that here, weve all been through it a million times then comes the debate about looks/performance....justification etc etc.....

Just measn some are faster tha others......;)

He wants 17s, let him have them.